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UCLA Grad Burns Diploma 07-01-24 US, CA   UCLA Graduate Burns Diploma in Protest Against Primate Vivisection   protest
Bombing Threat Continues 07-01-23 UK   Letter bomb attacks could continue, according to an Oxford-based AR group direct action
Raided Rescuer 07-01-19 US, CA   More on the raided rescuer in Los Angeles. law
POM PUSS Lies 07-01-19 US  POM thinks it can test on animals and not be blamed. testing
ADLLA Demo Wrap Up 07-01-19 US, CA   ADLLA Mobile Demo Wrap Up for January 14, 2007 protest
POM Wonderful Halts Animal Testing! 07-01-18 US   Animal Activists Declare Victory as Pomegranate Juice Maker Halts Cruel Experiments testing
"Today Show" Shows Cruelty - Again! 07-01-17 US   The "Today Show" displays a scared infant chimp and talks about its discomfort. media
SPLC Report on SHAC 7 07-01-17 US   S.P. Law Center (honored by "Friends of Animals") reports on the SHAC 7. media
Letter to POM Supporters 07-01-17 US   Open letter to POM and its supporters. testing
Whole Foods Market Pulls POM 07-01-17 US   Whole Foods Market Pulls POM Wonderful Products. testing
Protest at NYSE Board of Director's Home 07-01-14 US, D.C.   Protestors demonstrate in front of home of New York Stock Exchange Director. protest
Lawsuit vs Petco 07-01-14 US   Lawsuit alleges harassment, neglect at Petco. law
SPCA Raids home of critic 07-01-13 US, CA   In an historically colossal ignorant move made by anyone supposedly caring animals... politics
Goat Escapes Slaughter 07-01-12 US, NY   Brooklyn goat escapes slaughterhouse. slaughter
Report on Alt's to Anim. Testing 07-01-12 Europe   EuroNews report on alternatives to animal testing. testing
Ed Boks Kills Companion Animals 07-01-09 US, CA   The incompetence at the shelter is becoming legendary. shelter
Farm worker attacked by herd of pigs 07-01-08 UK   Rebel Pigs! news
Co-op Pulls POM Products from its Shelves 07-01-08 US   More fallout from POM animal testing protest. activism
ARAs Continue Campaign Against Abusers 07-01-08 world   Since AETA passed, activity has increased. news
Peacefulprairie 07-01-06 link   Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary link my_tribute __to_them 07-01-06 link   WAG Tribute to Animals in Greece link
ALF Attacked by CattleNetwork 07-01-06 US   CattleNetwork blasts the ALF media
Chimps R Us 07-01-06 US   How laboratory chimps are portrayed in the media media
"Natural Selection" Shelves POM 07-01-06 US, OR   Waldport-based Natural Selection has also pulled POM products from its shelves activism
Chicken Factory Burned 07-01-04 NZ   The Tegel factory in Christchurch has been badly damaged. news
POM VP Resigns Under Siege 07-01-04 US, CA   POM Wonderful Vice-President Resigns Under Siege. activism
January 5th "National Bird Day" 07-01-04 US, MO   St. Louis declares January 5th to be "National Bird Day" birds
Cracking Down On Pet Owners 07-01-03 US, NM   A growing number of cities are passing new measures aimed at ending euthanasia. shelters
Beware of the Boar 07-01-02 UK   Wild boar, possibly liberated, are seen. liberation




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