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Beware of the Boar

January 2, 2007

Dog walkers are being harassed by a sounder* of boar.

Dartmoor walkers have been told to beware of wild boar after a dog walker was 'menaced' by one of the animals -- officially extinct in Britain 300 years ago.

A number of local people have spotted the wild pigs around Buckland Monachorum, near Tavistock, Devon, which are thought to have escaped from farms after being released by animal rights activists.

Farmers believe that around 30 boar is living on the western edge of the moor and have begun breeding.

The messy animals have upset many nature lovers by rooting up land on the open moor and making it 'unusable' for resident sheep and ponies.

The boar could be part of 100 released from farmer Allan Dedames farm in East Anstey on Exmoor a year ago by the Animal Liberation Front.

* That's the group name for wild pigs. Don't say Metro never teaches you anything.

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