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Animal Activists Continue Campaign Against Abusers

January 8, 2007

Animal Activists Continue Campaign Against Abusers
Recent Amendments to Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Spur Illegal Direct Action

North America: As it continues its escalation of direct action, the Animal Liberation Front has released several additional communiques in the last week. The North American Animal Liberation Press Office has received notice of the below actions on behalf of exploited non-human animals even as the ink continues to dry on the amended Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) passed by Congress last month. Support for jailed animal liberation prisoners remains strong as well. The full text of the anonymous communiques are available on the Press Office website at

January 5
"University of Utah cat/primate vivisector extraordinaire Audie Gene Leventhal owns quite a lot of property in Salt Lake City. When we learned he was selling a vacant home he owns, we knew we had to help him remodel. We applied glass-eating acid on the windows to his house, including his nice sliding glass door leading the backyard. Altogether 6 windows and this door were destroyed. We also covered his house in paint including the words "CAT KILLER" to remind him of all the suffering he has caused kittens who have had their eyes sewn shut and all the torment he has caused to primates. PS. To all the vivisectors we have yet to visit: don't bask in your recent legislative victory for too long. This new animal enterprise law means NOTHING. -ALF"

January 4
"Fur-wearing scum in Los Angeles beware: flaunting ones wealth by wearing the skins of tortured fur-bearing animals on your back can be hazardous to your possessions. Tire(d) of seeing the suffering of animals, the ALF slashed two tires of one fur hag after she parked her luxurious automobile and continued her conspicuous after-Christmas spending spree. Another punctured ego learns her lesson in compassion. -ALF"

December 22
"Kent Fisher Furs of Towson, MD- Large etched glass display window destroyed by pellet gun fire. Our early Christmas present to this Death Dealer! Profiteers of murder get worse than just coal in their stockings!
Close shop or we'll keep visiting. Dedicated to
[ALF Prisoner] Peter Young -The ALF"


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