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ADLLA Mobile Demo Wrap Up for January 14, 2007

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LOS ANGELES - Animal Defense League-Los Angeles was joined by other activists--some from Puppies Without Borders and Furious Felines--when they took off on a round of mobile demos that included Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, and LAAS Field Commander David Diliberto.

The message to Mayor Villaraigosa was clear: "Hire Consultant No-Kill Solutions and Fire Ed Boks!" Activists marched through the Mayor's Hancock Park neighborhood letting residents know that the department of Los Angeles Animal Services General Manager (LAAS GM) Ed Boks receives an annual salary of over $165,000 (not to mention a free car, gasoline and other perks) in addition to $22 million of City funding to run the six municipal shelters at which he makes no effort to adopt - but rather simply slaughters - tens of thousands of companion animals and wildlife who have the misfortune to fall into the clutches of LAAS. Three body guards posted at the Mayor's mansion would not allow activists to leave a leaflet on his porch - even though the one-square-block Mayoral mansion is OWNED and paid for by LA taxpayers!

The "heat" was already at the residence when protesters arrived, and they all watched as activists marched around his neighborhood chanting and speaking outside their huge homes in this ritzy area of Los Angeles. Activists were told that the Mayor was home. In the past, an activist handed the Mayor's wife a leaflet upon her exiting her Bronco (wouldn't a HYBRID send a better message?) - and she then stated (and we quote), "You don't want to make my husband mad!"

Even though this time activists were prevented from dropping off another leaflet to the Mayor's residence, they now know that even the Mayor's wife understands her husband's temper! But, activists don't care if they make the Mayor mad; the animals are being killed daily in pain and misery - and activists want him to KNOW just how mad they are. As was said in the movie China Syndrome, "WE'RE MAD AS HELL, AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

If Mayor Villa La Grossa would only keep his promise (we KNOW that this is an impossible task for him) regarding his November 2005 pledge to ADL-LA and the humane community where he stated that he was going to hire No-Kill Solutions to consult for LAAS, we could move on and stop protesting him and LAAS.

We then departed to City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's neighborhood - which is literally down the street from Villa La Grossa's residence - and took him to task for trampling on the civil liberties of activists who have the guts and gumption to stand up and speak out on behalf of innocent, defenseless animals. Protesters chanted, "Hey, Rocky, what do you say? How many activists have you put away?" and "Denying activists their civil rights, Rocky Delgadillo simply BITES!" One activist came up with the chant voted best of the day: "Imprisoning activists just makes us stronger; hopefully, Rocky won't be around too much longer." One neighbor came out and said, "Rocky Delgadillo and Antonio Villaraigosa are running roughshod over everyone's civil liberties - and I bless people like you who have the courage to get out and fight against them!" She gave us her e-mail address and promised she would be attending future demos.

Next up was LAAS Field Supervisor Commander David Diliberto. Residents were warned to keep their dogs on a short leash and their cats and bunnies inside. If Diliberto gets hold of them, they will have about four days to live before being declared "vicious" or "sick" and dispatched to the kill room to meet the business end of a syringe full of Fatal Plus. (We still can't figure out what the "Plus" is.) The same couple that live around the block from Dildo-berto - and who always rush up to activists with their camera screaming "Get out of our neighborhood!" - were there as usual. After yelling at activists, the wife proceeded to sit on Diliberto's porch, as her husband took pictures. This is the SECOND TIME activists have been to Dildo-berto's neighborhood recently and the coppers don't even come out anymore. One neighbor who talked with an activist stated that even the police are sick of coming out to the neighborhood of a scumbag like Diliberto!

Some of the activists wanted to continue protesting, so the ones with energy left, proceeded to the palatial home in Beverly Hills of POM owners, Stewart and Lynda Resnick. The Resnicks are worth over $900 million - which apparently just isn't enough money. Their home looks like an ornate Italian palace. Their company, POM Wonderful, tries to convince men with erectile dysfunction that drinking their reconstituted, superheated pomegranate juice will alleviate the problem. In order to make bogus claims to that effect, they sever the penile arteries of rabbits and then force feed them pomegranate juice. They also deprive one week old mice of oxygen as part of their "animal testing" policies.

As soon as activists arrived at the demo site, the Beverly Hills coppers came barreling up and tried to usurp the Constitutional right to protest with a bull horn. One activist said, "The U.S. Constitution says that we have the right to protest!" One of the cops responded, "I don't care what the Constitution says!" Another activist (known for her big mouth) replied, "Well, you're in good company - neither does the President of the United States!" At this point, the legal representatives talked to the lead sergeant, and the police backed off. This is one of the many reasons why legal observers are probably the most important people at a protest. Without them, activists may be harassed, pushed, and threatened not only by the neighbors of some of these animal abusers, but also by the coppers as well.

In a final note, activists had wanted to protest General Manager Ed Boks - but were told by security at his apartment complex that he had moved out! The security guard said the complex was happy to see him go, and that he was a puppy killer!! Sounds like all the previous demo's at Boks' Fairfax apartment complex had rubbed off on the security guard, as he then added: "I've seen you protesting here, and I promise to adopt my next pet from a shelter!"

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