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SuperSealWoman Soars into San Francisco to Save the Seals!

SuperSealWoman is "flying high" at 367 Bay Street in North Beach, snatching a sealer's club and saving a helpless harp seal pup. On December 20, 2006, at noon, SuperSealWoman will arrive in person to show ordinary San Franciscans how they can become superheroes to the seals.

There is still time to prevent another slaughter of over 300,000 baby harp seals in Canada. Please join SuperSealWoman (a.k.a. Sky Valencia, of the Vegan Vixens), Ian Robichaud, founder of, and fellow animal/seal activists on December 20, 2006 in San Francisco to promote the Canadian seafood boycott (and promote vegan alternatives to Canadian seafood) and help bring about a quick and permanent end to the massacre of helpless harp seal pups in Canada.

Who: SuperSealWoman and you, seal superheroes of the San Francisco Bay Area

What: Outreach in San Francisco – stroll along Bay Street by the SuperSealWoman wall mural, distributing seal-inspired gifts, activist cards, and information on the seal slaughter and the Canadian seafood boycott.

When: December 20, 2006, Noon to 2 pm

Where: Meet at 367 Bay Street. Stroll on Bay Street between Powell and Taylor.

Contact: Ian Robichaud,, 310-266-9009. Prior to the event, for more information, contact Diana Marmorstein,, contact [at]


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