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Shame on Grand Stair Case National Monument

Hi, my name is Jxxx. I live in Salt Lake City. On December 9, 2006 I was hiking in Calf Canyon in the Grand Stair Case National Monument. I came across this bird caught in a trap. In addition, there was a dead cottontail rabbit used for bait. The bird was alive. I released it from the trap, but it ran off and I could not catch it.

It seems to me this is a far too indiscriminate way for someone to trap fur bearing animals (excluding the fact that trapping in general is unacceptable) any animal could have wandered by and stepped in this trap.

Across the wash, there was another trap with a dead rabbit in it. It was merely set along a game trail for anything walking by to step in. This does not seem to be a responsible way to manage this National Monument, or any public land for that matter.

I am glad my dog did not step in this trap, or myself.

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