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From Maria to Madonna


From: Maria Daines - UK

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for your editorial 'Madonna & The Curse of Chinchilla' in today's Independent on Sunday. I find it very hard to understand why Madonna should wish to set such a bad example by wearing a coat made from the product of suffering.

Her message is simply 'I just don't care'.

This world so badly needs more compassion and celebrities are in a prime position to open minds to the lack of care for the voiceless in our society. It is a reflection of the times we are living in, that fashion is not fun anymore, it is blatantly gruesome to the point of a walking picture of horror when these fur wearing heartless people take to the streets.

Please feel free to print my poem and message to Madonna, from one singer to another I challenge you Madonna, to find your identity without stealing the souls of these beautiful creatures. Shame on you woman.

Maria Daines


Madonna in fur, what a statement she makes

Ignorance or bliss, a terrible mistake...

While animals die for celebrity'ism

Fur bearing animals are trapped in a prison

40 Chinchillas for a diva to 'pose'

Ripped outside in, from their legs to their toes

A thousand whimpers, a million screams

Now covering your back held together by seams.

These are animals darling, not trinkets, not gold

They lived, they were precious, they deserved to grow old

Now you flaunt and you pout to the camera, your wealth

While they lie in a heap, blood covered pelts.

Your music is celebrated, your life a success

But how can you turn your back on these deaths?

These beautiful creatures that die for your pleasure

For killing, no glory, for this pain no measure...

It's simple, it's sorry, you strut while they fall

Do you think of their story, one story for all

Do you wonder your message, so many might follow

Is your heart filled with hatred, all used up and hollow.

Please spare them a moment, you have so much life

And they have nothing, just the scrape of a knife

Each being was breathing, and each was snuffed out

For the wish of a star, to wear a fur coat.

Maria Daines

9th December, 2006

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