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Lunardi's targeted by animal rights group

East Bay Business Times
December 20th
By David Goll

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Thank the East Bay Business Times for covering this important issue:
On Saturday, December 23, 2006, East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA) launched its weekly outreach campaign against Lunardi�s Supermarket. In order to advance the company�s commitment to consumers and animals, concerned citizens are urging President Paul Lunardi to stop selling battery cage eggs at his company's stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. News coverage of the campaign launch included Yahoo! Finance, KPFA Radio and East Bay Business Times:

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Upscale grocery chain Lunardi's is the latest retailer in the area to be targeted by East Bay Animal Advocates.

Members of the Pleasanton-based group that advocates on behalf of farm animal welfare plan to pass out informational leaflets at Lundardi's newest store in Danville during the holiday shopping rush on Dec. 23. They are attempting to persuade officials of the South San Francisco-based supermarket chain to stop selling eggs provided by suppliers that use so-called "battery" cages to confine chickens.

Christine Morrissey, executive director of East Bay Animal Advocates, contends the cages are inhumane because they are small and overcrowded, not allowing the chickens adequate space to engage in normal, healthy behavior.

A spokesman for Lunardi's did not return a phone message seeking comment on the leafleting. Morrissey said members of her organization plan eventually to pass out leaflets at all eight Lundardi's stores in the Bay Area, including one in Walnut Creek.

The organization has also set up a Web site on the issue, called

The Danville store just became a Lunardi's in September after being sold by Albany-based Andronico's Inc. Andronico's was targeted for leafleting by East Bay Animal Advocates earlier this year and officials agreed to stop selling eggs produced by chickens in battery cages in October. The company operates eight Andronico's Market locations in the Bay Area, including four in Berkeley.

Morrissey said her organization has also contacted officials of Pleasanton-based supermarket giant Safeway Inc., whom she said wrote a letter to their egg suppliers requesting they no longer house their chickens in such cages.

Earlier this year, Safeway established a committee of company officials and outside animal-welfare experts to consider a wide array of issues related to the topic.


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