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NRA comment on terrorists 06-12-28 US   NRA comment on other terrorists (3.7 Mb .pdf file) politics
Wild Parrots in Brooklyn 06-12-28 US, NY   Wild parrots have colonized the wilds of Brooklyn birds
Operation: 12 Days of Xmas '06 06-12-25 world   Suggested actions for the holiday season activism
Lunardi's targeted by animal rights group 06-12-22 US, CA   Retailer in the area to be targeted by East Bay Animal Advocates. protest
POM's wonderfully misleading "snake oil" juice 06-12-22 US   Anonymous opinion of POM's Wonderful juice. activism
POM Pulled by Wild Oaks Markets, Inc. 06-12-22 US   Wild Oats Markets Inc. pulled bottles of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice from shelves in seven stores. activism
We Believe - video 06-12-20 world   Positive message in video media
POM Hoax? 06-12-20 US, CA   POM announced that the contamination of its products was a hoax. activism
Animal Rights Wronged 06-12-20 UK   Vilification of AR's by Blair, others essay
Activists Shrug Off AETA 06-12-20 world   Activists don't seem to be deterred by Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act activism
POM Contaminated by A.R.M. 06-12-19 US   POM Wonderful Juice Contaminated by Animal Rights Militia activism
UI, monk parakeets get along uneasily 06-12-18 US, CT   Connecticut's monk parakeets have recovered from last year's eradication program birds
SPEAK: More Deceit and Lies Revealed 06-12-17 UK   SPEAK reveals info that calls into question the professional standards of the legal firm chosen by Oxford University to represent them. law
Kazakhs Not to Eat Meat 06-12-17 Kazakh   Two Brits protest meat eating in Kazakh. protest
SuperSeal Woman Soars to Save the Seals! 06-12-14 US, CA SuperSealWoman is "flying high" in San Francisco, snatching a sealer's club and saving a helpless harp seal pup. activism
Shame on Grand Stair Case National Monument 06-12-12 US, UT   National Monument in Utah sets indiscriminate traps. activism
From Maria to Madonna 06-12-12 UK   Maria responds in lyrics to Madonna's callousness. fur
HLS MOBILE DEMO WRAP 06-12-12 US, CA   40 ARAs met at "House of Vege" on Pacific Coast Highway Protest
SPEAK Founders Facing Imprisonment 06-12-12 UK   Oxford University is now seeking to imprison two of the founders of SPEAK - Robert Cogswell and Mel Broughton law
Woman Arrested for Helping Neglected Dog 06-12-10 US, CA Urge D.A. to Drop Charges against Woman Arrested for Helping Neglected Dog law
Owners Allege Gruesome Pet Slayings 06-12-04 US, LA   Investigation into unnecessary massacre of pets during hurricane katrina. law
EU, CoE and OIE agree on a declaration on AW 06-12-01 Europe   Declaration entitled "Animal Welfare in Europe: achievements and future prospects". law
Ape Smuggling, how to help 06-12-01 world   A chimpanzee cartel thrives on the back of demand from private zoos and leading hotels. activism
Hundreds of animals liberated 06-12-01 Italy   25 monkeys and 1000 mice have been liberated from a breeding unit of Harlan, Italy. liberation
Protests spur Portland fur dealer's move 06-12-01 US   After 112 years of doing business in Portland, Schumacher Furs is pulling out. fur
Animals Party at Parliament 06-12-01 UK   "Animals Count" party is formed. politics
Fur Free Friday in Belgrade 06-12-01 Serbia   Fur Free Friday Protest. fur
National Bird Day 06-12-01 US   Facts about National Bird Day. birds




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