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UK Government Accused of Extremism

A leading vegan has today accused the UK Government of extremism. Tony Bishop-Weston author of Vegan by Hamlyn says "Having foreseen this environmental catastrophe over 60 years ago it's gratifying that veganism is now accepted as a logical, sensible solution whilst the UK government is now appearing to be fanatical, devising radical and extremist solutions to protect the environment . Urgent action has become necessary due to ignoring the problem for so long despite many warnings"
Vegans think it's a tragedy for the whole planet that it's only recently that the UK government, philosophers, academics, scientists, journalists, health professionals and millions of ordinary people have finally caught up with Donald Watson's thinking.

Vegans claim factory farms stuffed with thousands of animals are an uneconomical, unsustainable, illogical and wasteful way of feeding the people of our planet.

Resources are wasted, water is wasted, protein and other food is wasted, energy is wasted and as an extra double whammy the animals also produce gallons of methane and waste each day that exasperates global warming still further.

Apparently all this self destructive madness is encouraged by the UK government in the form of massive subsidies for the meat and dairy farming industry that add up to billions of pounds.
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