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Win for Primate Freedom Project

November 27, 2006

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A Rare Win for the Monkeys

Madison, Wisc… Animal activists today came much closer to their dream of establishing a national primate research exhibition directly next door to two of the nation’s most infamous monkey research laboratories.

In her oral decision, Judge Sarah B. O’Brien ruled that a real estate contract on a piece of commercial property is indeed valid and enforceable and ordered the current owner to convey the property to the activists.

Ruling that embarrassment to the University of Wisconsin was not an adequate reason to block the sale, that the UW had previously twice declined to purchase the property, and that arguments claiming possible increased risks to researchers were spurious, the Judge concurred with the Primate Freedom Project that the land contract was binding and enforceable.

An appeal by the current owner is likely. Future legal fights are likely as well as the university, the NIH, and the vivisection industry struggle to quash public discourse concerning animal experimentation.

"Future hurdles remain," said Rick Bogle, spokesperson for the Primate Freedom Project, "but this was the highest one."

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