PRO PIGEON FEED SAT 25th NOV - 1pm London
From: "South East Animal Rights"

SAT 25th NOV - THE NORTH TERRACE, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON (pedestrianised area in front of the national gallery)
AT 1.00pm

The pigeons of Trafalgar Square are semi-domesticated birds who have been fed for generations. Ken Livingstone and the London Assembly decided to rid the square of pigeons for commercial gain. Unlike famous public squares the world over, these pigeons are not allowed to be a big tourist attraction, instead, the appearance of cafe's has meant the pigeons are labelled a public health and safety risk, when in fact they are no such threat.

Instead the public are banned from feeding in the square and are often treated to the sight of pigeons being ripped apart by a bird of prey. All this at taxpayers expense of who are shelling out about £90 per pigeon to indulge Kens hatred of these innocent birds.

Westminster Council are planning to extend this ban to the North Terrace, where the birds are fed on a daily basis, at present.


Pigeons can navigate over hundreds of miles, both sexes feed their babies with their own milk, they are highly intelligent and adaptable and were awarded the Victoria Cross for their bravery, saving human lives in the first World War. How do we repay them?! We starve them! Bird specialists have said this flock can only be humanely reduced over a very long period, otherwise they will starve. Please come to Trafalgar Square on Sat 25th Nov to feed the pigeons and to show the Mayor that a feeding ban on the North Terrace is not only unjust but cruel. These striking birds will really lift your spirits -

Meet outside Charing Cross Railway Station at 1pm.
Please bring mixed corn or anything else the pigeons will eat.

South East Animal Rights
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