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Win for Primate Freedom Project 06-11-30 US   ARAs came closer to establishing a national primate research exhibition activism
Oxford University Arson 06-11-27 UK   ARAs claimed responsibility for an arson attack. activism
Animal rights extremists to face trial 06-11-27 UK   Three alleged ARAs accused of intimidating vivisection companies will stand trial in February. POWs
Labor vows animal cruelty crackdown 06-11-27 Australia The Victorian Labor Party today turned its election campaign to pets. politics
Open Hen Rescues 06-11-25 Czech Republic   Open hen rescues in August and October, 2006. liberation
35 Chickens Liberated 06-11-25 New Zealand   35 Chickens Liberated from West Auckland Egg Farm. liberation
Vegetarian & Thanksgiving = Scorn 06-11-23 US   Vegetarians may have to deal with scorn at Thanksgiving. vegetarian
Pigeon Feeding Day 06-11-23 UK   SAT 25th NOV - The North Terrace, Trafalgar Square, London. pigeons
Feeding Turkeys 06-11-23 US   The honored dinner guests were turkeys. factory farm
Every Dog Has His Day 06-11-21 world   Every dog really does have his day. story
Group Alleges Cow Abuse 06-11-21 US, FL   An AR organization questions practices of UF's dairy research. factory farms
New COK Investigation 06-11-21 US   COK challenging the practices of a leading N.C. turkey hatchery as inhumane. factory farms
Activists Target Mayor After Deer Killing Resumes 06-11-20 US, NY   Activists Again Target Mayor of Lloyd Harbor After Deer Killing Resumes. activism
Covance 2006 - editorial 06-11-20 world   editorial of what Covance has been doing. animal testing
Hawaii Pet Slaying - editorial 06-11-20 US, HI   Editorial on the Hawaii Pet Slayings. activism
Chicken Smarts 06-11-19 world   They are smarter than we thought. speciesism
Did Humans Invent Right and Wrong? 06-11-19 world   Is Morality Part of the Inheritance from our Primate Ancestors? speciesism
Millennium Restaurant 06-11-19 US   World Class Vegan Food health
Primary Primates Haven Fight 06-11-19 US   Another summary of the sad events at Primary Primates activism
New Food Seal 06-11-19 US   Animal Welfare Approved Surpasses Other Seals welfare
Geese and Humans 06-11-19 US   Can't we all just get along? essay
Art Gallery in Zagreb 06-11-19 Croatia   Art Gallery is target of activists in Croatia activism
Political Party for the Animals 06-11-15 Nether-lands   New political party should win seats in government politics
The heat is turned up in Austria 06-11-15 Austria   Fur demo in Austria protest
NY Hunt Protest 06-11-13 US   Police arrested two ARAs after they chained themselves to the doors of the Diocese of Rockville Centre headquarters. protest
AETA Commentary 06-11-13 US   Commentary on the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act law
ARAs chain themselves to SA piggery 06-11-13 Australia   25 ARAs from around Australia converged on a piggery and chained themselves into the stalls in protest of conditions. protest
China Crackdown on Dogs 06-11-13 China   Protesters decry Chinese crackdown on dogs. protest
Animal activists step up political pressure 06-11-13 US   Lawmakers who don't support certain legislation find themselves targets as groups' clout grows. activism
SARC Liberates 22 Chicks 06-11-13 UK   22 chicks were rescued from Lloyds Animal Feeds Ltd's Livestock. chicks
DOJ Rejects 87% of FBI's Terrorism Cases 06-11-13 US   Department of Justice Rejects 87% of FBI's Terrorist Cases. law
Cat & Bird Dilemma 06-11-13 US   Man discusses ‘dilemma’ of cats, birds. story
LA Activists vs. POM Juice Co. 06-11-13 US   7 activists in LA had their homes raided in connection with a campaign against the POM Wonderful juice company activism
Liberation for Barry Horne 06-11-12 Spain   Another liberation in remembrance of Barry Horne's death. mink
Dogs Electrocuted in Shelter 06-11-12 Mexico   video evidence shelter
POM-maker killed untold numbers of animals 06-11-10 US POM-maker has tormented and killed untold numbers of animals by funding cruel and pointless experiments. animal testing
Shame on Hawaii. Paradise - NOT. 06-11-09 US   Laws in Hawaii still treat animal cruelty as a misdemeanor. law
Vegan Vandal 06-11-08 Australia   A "VEGAN vandal" has gone on the attack. protest
Covance Fight 06-11-08 US, AZ The battle over Covance continues to rage in Chandler. protest
AR Ad in University Publication 06-11-08 US, PA   The first-ever advertisement urging the nation's professors and administrators to help end our universities' service to the flesh, milk & egg industries. media
Liberation at Galicia Fur Farm 06-11-08 Spain   In remembrance of Barry Horne's death. mink
Protest HLS in New York, Nov 12 06-11-06 US, NY   Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences for killing 500 animals every day. protest
Imagine - PPI Update 06-11-06 US, TX   Updates on the situation. activism
Response to PBS Show on Chimps in laboratories 06-11-06 US   Responses to the PBS TV show about chimps in labs. media
20 Battery Hens Rescued 06-11-06 New Zealand  20 Battery Hens Liberated. Hens
"ALF" Raided in Calif. 06-11-03 US, CA   Follow up story on police raid. law
SOS for Dogs and Cats in Serbia 06-11-03 Serbia   SOS for dogs, cats and animal welfare organisations in Serbia. activism
Detroit's Animal Control in Dire Straits 06-11-03 US, MI   The city's Animal Control Center is under fire because of inhumane conditions and the mistreatment of animals. activism
Dogs In Istanbul 06-11-02 Turkey   Report on status of dogs in Turkey.  activism
NAALPO Raided 06-11-02 US, CA   Santa Monica Police Raid Homes of Two Animal Liberation Press Officers. law
COK's ad - A Side of Truth 06-11-01 US   Ad showing diners how their food is treated prior to it showing up on their plate. media
Gay Animal Museum 06-11-01 Norway   Museum with documentation of gay behavior among animals, just another way they are similar to humans. news
Green for "Go Vegan" 06-11-01 UK   More people are giving up eating and wearing animal products by turning vegan. health
UK Government Accused of Extremism 06-11-01 UK   A leading vegan has today accused the UK Government of extremism. politics




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