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AR Ad in University Publication

AR Ad in Premier University Publication

The Chronicle of Higher Education's November 10th issue, arriving in subscribers' mailboxes throughout this week, contains the first-ever advertisement urging the nation's professors and administrators to help end our universities' service to the flesh, milk & egg industries. The Chronicle has almost 100,000 subscribers and about 500,000 readers.

The ad, from Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA), says, It isn’t just academic! Some university training causes real-world problems.

Are you an expert in … Education? Nutrition? Ecology? Food Production? Animals?

Take a minute to see how you can be part of the solution:

The URL in the ad links readers to a special page RPA designed to explain to experts in many fields the enormous harm done to animals, people, and ecosystems by our land-grant university (LGU) "animal science" programs. "'Animal science' sounds good and objective," says RPA Executive Director David Cantor, "but 'animal science' really teaches how to slaughter, breed, and raise animals for food. That's a serious conflict of interest. They falsely claim nonhuman animals can have no legal rights. They suppress knowledge of nutrition, health, ecology, and resource use -- knowledge that is crucial as animal suffering and human medical costs continue to soar and environmental destruction & resource waste are so rampant they cause violent conflict."

RPA, headquartered in Glenside, Pennsylvania, has been running the 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign since 2003, aimed at eliminating "animal science" at our LGUs. After sending more than 200 letters, 150 factsheets, and 50 books to the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges and the 50 states' main LGUs' top administrators in two years, RPA continues to inform LGU trustees & alumni, key legislative committees, and others.

Says Cantor, "'Animal science' is the biggest reason society's most inhumane industries continue to thrive, though many people think it is consumer choices. Nothing is more important for establishing a humane, healthful, and sustainable diet than eliminating 'animal science.' It is also essential for achieving the animal-rights movement's primary goal: basic legal rights for all sentient beings so secondary rights and enforcement can follow."

In addition to the URL in the Chronicle of Higher Education ad, extensive information about the 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign is available at

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