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National Primate Freedom Week - UCLA Targeted

Protests Sept 8 and Sept 9

CONTACT: Lindy Greene - cell (818) 445-6711

POSTED BY: Stop Testing on Animals Today (STAT SoCal)

October 6th, 2006


Los Angeles, California - Activists from around the Los Angeles area will hold "mobile" demonstrations this Sunday in honor of National Primate Liberation Week. The first stop on the list of demonstration targets is none other than UCLA Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams. Abrams has lobbied Washington for stricter laws regarding activists who protest against primate vivisectors.

Two months ago, UCLA primate vivisector Dario Ringach made a statement that, because of activists' efforts, he would no longer perform animal experimentation. Ringach's statement sent shock waves rippling through the UCLA administration, since the university receives millions of dollars per year in animal research grants.

Universities are addicted to NIH grants, because half the amount of a grant awarded to a university for a "specific" type of animal research can legally be spent on anything the University desires. The experiments do nothing to improve human health. Even the FDA admits that most animal experiments are completely useless and scientifically invalid - and the small percentage that may give some useful data could be gained using non-animal methods. Chancellor Abrams and other administrators at UCLA continue to support horrific, useless, and immoral animal experiments behind a 20th-Century mindset and an unwillingness to spend the money to switch over to humane, non-animal alternatives in laboratories.

A rather clandestine UCLA activist group called UCLA Primate Freedom has called upon activists in LA to continue the campaign to end primate experimentation at UCLA. The student group does not do demonstrations for fear of expulsion from UCLA. However, the group has been giving information to above-ground activists regarding the types of experiments being done to non-human primates at UCLA and is asking independent activists who do not attend the school to picket those responsible for the evil that is vivisection.

Some of the experiments on primates performed at UCLA include addicting monkeys to methamphetamines and Ecstasy, as well as implanting coils in the eyes of primates for visualization studies. Activists all over the world are determined to end primate experiments - which they believe are not only immoral and unethical, but also scientifically fraudulent. A month ago, activists chanted slogans in UCLA vivisector Lynn Fairbanks' neighborhood, saying, "Addicting monkeys to crystal meth earned you a visit from the ALF!" ("ALF" is an acronym for Animal Liberation Front.) An incendiary device of some sort which failed to ignite was allegedly left on her doorstep. Fairbanks purportedly studies "human addictions" including substance abuse and "impulsivity control" in vervet monkeys.

Josh Rosen, an anti-vivisection activist, states: "Norman Abrams can call us 'extremists' and other derogatory words to try and chill our freedom of speech - but we have the Constitutional right to legally protest in the neighborhoods that contain the residences of those who are responsible for and/or complicitous in the brutal and evil practice of primate experimentation. Abrams is not going to intimidate activists in any way; in fact, his threats of perverting the constitution in order to protect the monkey-killers will most likely drive some above-ground protestors underground. "

WHEN: Sunday, October 8th
TIME: 11:45 AM
WHERE: 427 Denslow Ave., Los Angeles 90049


In conjunction with Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN), Los Angeles animal rights activists are holding a demonstration on Monday, October 9, 2006 for this important week.

MEET: Corner of Le Conte and Westwood
WHEN: 10 AM - 12 PM
Take the 405 (San Diego Fwy).
Exit at Wilshire Blvd.
Go east on Wilshire Blvd.
Turn left at Westwood Blvd.
Proceed north to Le Conte.
There is a public parking lot immediately to the left on Le Conte.

SAEN will present demands for the following to UCLA Chancellor Norman Abrams:

1. Unnaounced tours of UCLA laboratories with news media present to inform the taxpaying public about the reality of UCLA animal experiments. (All protocols for sterility will be respected.)

2. A schedule for the gradual reduction of the number of animals in UCLA laboratories, with redirection of funding into clinical and epidemiological research.

3. Immediate free access to all records relevant to animal research at UCLA - including animal health care records, research protocols, and internal UCLA inspection records.

4. Immediate elimination of the use of primate restraint chairs, paralytic drugs, and water deprivation as part of all UCLA experimental protocols.

Please call the Los Angeles Animal Rights Hotline at (310) 572-6443 for more information.

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