Sunday, October 8, 2006

LOS ANGELES - Activists from Los Angeles and surrounding areas convened at the Sepulveda Park-and-Ride on Sunday, October 8, at 11 AM for a round of mobile demos in honor of National Primate Liberation Week (October 7-15).

First on the mobile demo agenda by a coalition of UCLA and Los Angeles Primate Freedom groups was none other than the twisted Chancellor Norman Abrams, at 247 Denslow Avenue in Los Angeles, California - who defends, supports, oversees, and condones egregious and scientifically fraudulent primate experiments at UCLA.

Chancellor Abrams, a Jew whose ancestors may very well have been victims of the Nazi Holocaust, has no compunctions about dishing out a little torture and murder, himself. Yes - with the full blessings of Uberkamfmeister Abrams, the UCLA vivisectors paralyze monkeys for 120 hours, implant coils in their eyes, deprive them of food and water, and addict them to crystal meth. We have to give ol' Adolph some credit: As far as we know, he did not stick coils in the Jews' eyes or addict them to tweak.

We think Normie is a perverted little psychopath who (like our current President) can't seem to control his impulse to torture and murder other sentient beings. Normie is also hopelessly addicted to the millions of dollars endlessly emanating from the ever-flowing government grant spigots.

Seems Norm's been labeling the legal pickets of the local animal rights activists "terrorism." Oh, gosh! Our feelings are truly hurt! We realize that in today's political climate, exercising our First Amendment rights to speak freely and protest appears to be falling more and more under the designation of that 21st-century governmental bugbear. But we contend that pursuing "research" according to an archaic, immoral, and worthless paradigm that tortures animals and does nothing for humans qualifies as terrorism! Besides, we sincerely thought that if Normie was so proud of UCLA's "eminent work" he'd want students, neighbors, and the public to know how their hard-earned tuition and taxpayer dollars are being spent to implant coils in monkeys' eyes and hook them on speed. No? Well, blow us, Normie! Who'd have guessed!

One of Norm's neighbors informed us that he was a nice guy. Well, if you consider sticking coils in someone's eyes and hyping him up on crystal a "nice guy," then - yeah - Normo is a regular jolly good fellow!

Well, off to Vice Chancellor Roberto Peccei, at 1320 Thayer Avenue in Los Angeles. Bert's another pip! He can't wait for the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act to come down the pike! He does not want activists airing UCLA's dirty laundry before the world. Well, UCLA has been all over the news these last couple of days, Bertie - thanks to the legal demonstrations of those whom you call "terrorists. " Millions of people in Los Angeles now know what you and your psychotic cohorts are doing behind the closed doors of UCLA's modern-day Aushwitz for Animals!

Berto claims that all medical benefits to humans have derived from animal research. The truth - as Berts well knows - is that the results of experimenting on one species cannot be reliably extrapolated to another. Progress in human medical knowledge is actually retarded as researchers misapply data from veterinary "models.

We next paid a visit to Nelson Freimer at 453 12th Street in Santa Monica - purportedly working with Lynn Fairbanks and studying Tourette's syndrome (a strictly human condition), impulsivity, and stress in vervet monkeys. (God only knows what Nelson does to primates to cause them even more stress than that conferred by imprisonment inside metal cages.) Nels, that harpy you married came out and yelled that you don't experiment with primates and are just trying to help humans. "Liar Liar, pants on fire!" When we told her that, on the contrary, we had learned the truth from our UCLA student spies, she had nothing more to say and skulked back into the nether recesses of hell from which she had so obtrusively emerged. What a shrew! Does she scream like that every day? No wonder you torture animals, Nellie!

Santa Monica's finest now arrived. They started haranguing us about the noise restriction of 65 decibels. (Gee, seems the good Mrs. was certainly in violation!) They had to send for another officer to come with a decibel meter. By the time he showed up with, exposed, and prepared to use his tiny tool, activists had already decided that they'd adequately conveyed their message and it was time to depart. In the interim, Officer SICK-le with his big belly about to pop from a superfluity of donuts refused to answer quesstions or even speak with the activists' National Lawyers Guild legal observer when she attempted to ask him basic questions about sound levels. We got it all on tape - and we hope that when his superiors sees the way he treated peaceful activists they will cut off his trips to the donut shop for good!

Why don't you murderous little vivvys do some legitimate non-animal research and really help people? Well, cures and - heaven forbid - prevention might drastically empty the coffers of the medical and pharmaceutical industries who make trillions ensuring that we continue to suffer from chronic degenerative diseases requiring expensive hospitalizations, surgeries, and drugs. We get it. Unfortunately, the public doesn't - and that's why you get away with it.

[from UCLA Daily Bruin]

A group of animal rights activists marched through the UCLA campus Monday, stopping at research labs and the chancellor's office to protest the animal research occurring on campus, alleging that it is
conducted in an inhumane manner.

The march, which consisted of about 15 protestors, coincided with the annual National Primate Liberation Week.

University spokeswoman Judy Lin said similar marches are held every year. But this year, the protestors received a short meeting with the vice chancellor for research, Roberto Peccei.

University officials maintain all animal testing on campus is humane and conducted in accordance with animal rights laws.

Marchers carrying signs depicting lab animals, emblazoned with anti-experimentation slogans, walked from the corner of Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook Avenue through parts of South Campus, stopping briefly at some research buildings.

full story:

WESTWOOD, Calif. -- Chanting "UCLA has blood on its hands" and other slogans, about a dozen animal rights activists marched at the Westwood campus Monday, demanding that the university change its research practices on monkeys and other primates.

The demonstrators say the animals are abused in the interest of science, allegations that UCLA officials deny.

In a letter sent last month to animal rights activist Michael Budkie, UCLA acting Chancellor Norman Abrams wrote that "all UCLA research involving animals is conducted in compliance with multiple, state,
federal and university regulations established to ensure humane treatment. Furthermore, as you know, documents regarding UCLA's animal research program are subject to public information law."
In a telephone interview, activist Chris DeRose and Budkie said the demonstrators were told Abrams would not meet with them because campus officials believe the activists support using violence to achieve their goals.

DeRose said the activists "believe in the sanctity of all life and we would not be violent or injure a human being."

"They wanted us to come out and denounce the activities of other animal activists," DeRose said. "I don't know a single, solitary person in this movement who knows how to make a bomb. No one has ever been killed, slapped, hit or hurt."

full story:

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