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Boycott Leather 06-10-30 India Demonstration at a Hemant Trivedi fashion show. protest
Nutria Breeder 06-10-30 France   Château-Landon's nutria breeder (in the Paris suburbs) was the target of ALF activists. liberation
Vegetables may keep brains young 06-10-28 world   Research health
Politics 06-10-28 world   updated politics
What Your Pet Is Thinking 06-10-28 world   Research about animal intelligence speciesism
BUAV on EU Review of Legislation 06-10-28 UK   Responding to the EU review of legislation governing primate supply to and use by the research industry law
Lonza Protest 06-10-28 UK   ARAs waving placards surrounded pharmaceutical company, Lonza, protest
Animal activists target scientists 06-10-28 US, UT   ARAs campaign outside the homes of Univ. of Utah researchers. protest
Fighting for Animal Rights 06-10-28 UK   Animal rights protesters returned to a site in Maidenhead protest
Fostering Liberation 06-10-28 US, CA   The Intersection of Eco, Worker, & Animal Struggles in Fight Against Foster Farms activism
Poultry industry outraged 06-10-28 US, AR Poultry industry outraged at commercials accusing them of using rivers like open sewers media
Svilajnac Serbia 06-10-28 Serbia   Updated report from Svilajnac. activism
Ape's Rights 06-10-27 Spain   Party is promoting initiative to recognize great apes as different from other animals. law
Circus Protest - Bridgeport 06-10-26 US   Protest of circuses. protest
Supermarket chain under fire 06-10-26 Netherlands   Protest after chain introduced a line of halal meat. protest
Laois Fur Farm Targeted 06-10-26 Ireland   Laois Fur Farm Targeted in County-wide Day of Action fur
Report from Serbia 06-10-26 Serbia   Report from Svilajnac activism
USDA seized animals from Animalogic 06-10-26 US   The USDA seized these animals from Animalogic/Joe Merzlak then turned them over to the US Animal Protection activism
WSPA accused in Belgrade 06-10-25 Serbia   WSPA is accused of ignoring dog massacre in Belgrade activism
Hunting – bad for animals, bad for America 06-10-25 US   Article by Kelly Overton about the effects of hunting hunting
Movie Review: Your Mommy Kills Animals 06-10-25 US   Movie about the SHAC trial and more media
Action Against Hypermarket 06-10-24 Russia   Action against hypermarket "The world of fur and leather" actions
Video Prompts Vivisection Ban Call 06-10-24 UK   Influential Euro-MP Dr. Lucas has called for a ban on animal tests using primates. vivisection
Ruby's Plea 06-10-24 US, OH   Boycott orchard in Ohio. activism
Compassion for Animals Symposium 06-10-24 US, FL  6th Annual Compassion for Animals Action Symposium. activism
Contact Mace Ltd. about Oxford Lab 06-10-24 UK   Contact information for Mace Ltd. activism
October 2006 Liberation 06-10-23 Germany   Liberation from a circus. liberation
Town in Tune with Protest 06-10-22 UK   Thanks to Swindon for listening to protestors. activism
ARAs to intensify anti-fur campaign 06-10-22 Austria ARAs intensified protests against shops not adopting an "ethical" policy. fur
Washington Activists with Passion 06-10-20 US   Jennifer Kolar and Lacey Phillabaum seem unlikely criminals. activism
ARA's Target Olympic site 06-10-20 UK   Activist's announce the next target: 2012 Olympic site. protest
Doogie Visit by T. Grimes 06-10-20 US   Tammy Grimes visits Doogie story
Anti-fur protest 06-10-18 Japan   Anti fur protest planned protest
AR Group files complaint against UC Davis 06-10-17 US   S.A.E.N. has filed a complaint with federal regulators saying monkeys at UC Davis were mishandled law
Public want animal cruelty measures 06-10-17 UK   Majority of people believe crimes against animals should carry the same penalties as those against humans. opinion poll
Letter from PETA to FOA Board regarding PPI 06-10-17 US   PETA questions FOA's legal support of Primarily Primates, Inc. law
Factory Farming Monkeys 06-10-16 UK   Factory farming of monkeys: the footage they don't want you to see animal testing
Research to Cut Animal Testing 06-10-16 UK   U. of Manchester to develop new techniques to reduce the need for animals in testing. animal testing
Namibia Secretary Falsifies Seal Population 06-10-16 S. Africa   Namibian Permanent Secretary Falsifies Seal Population to Conceal its Unlawful Seal Cull policy seals
Vivisection Corruption 06-10-16 UK   Morally bankrupt UK officials protect worst of worst. vivisection
ANIMALS VOICE MAG. IS BACK 06-10-16 world   The Animals Voice Magazine has returned. links
LADAS 06-10-16 US   crosspost website request links
Dog Rescued 06-10-16 US   video of dog getting a better life rescue
Vivisector Speaks 06-10-16 UK   Vivisector talks about HLS vivisection
Fur, Butcher, Body Shop attacked 06-10-16 France   Attack on businesses protesting
Mink freed from Galicia farms 06-10-16 Spain   Thousands of mink freed from farms in Galicia. liberation
Butcher Shop 06-10-16 Netherlands   A van belonging to butcher 'Van der Schoot' has been burned down. protesting
Burberry 06-10-15 world   Burberry continues to use fur in its designs. protesting
Neglected Chimps Rescued 06-10-14 US, TX   Texas has taken over operations at a sanctuary that's home to close to 1,000 monkeys, chimps and more. rescue
UCD Primate Practices 06-10-13 US, CA   A former employee claims she witnessed veterinarians abuse monkeys. law
Lobster Liberation 06-10-13 US, CA   Douglas Tabler of Eureka was disturbed about lobsters being held. liberation
Anti-Fur Week, day 2 06-10-13 UK   Day 2 of Anti-Fur Week, and another very successful day protests
Oldest Chimp in U.S. Lab to Retire 06-10-13 US   The oldest known chimpanzee used in research to retire after 54 years. testing
Pig Farm Investigation 06-10-13 Austria   A two-month investigation conducted by ARAs farming
Day of Action for Primates 06-10-12 UK   Day of Action for Primates: November 18th Help needed activism
ARA's in Court for showing pictures 06-10-12 UK   Five ARA's have been accused of causing distress to members of the public law
That Fish You Caught Was in Pain 06-10-10 world   Research article by Victoria Braithwaite fishing
Letter from Linda Blair 06-10-10 US   Campaign called "HOME AT LAST" to raise funding for  animal rehablitation property. protection
Pensioner cleared of harassment 06-10-10 UK A pensioner has been cleared of harassing workers at contract animal testing laboratories, law
Debate of Mice and Men 06-10-10 US, CA Recent actions by ARAs have prompted discussion of UCLA's research practices activism
Activists request a meeting 06-10-10 US, CA   Activists have requested a meeting with the UC Chancellor activism
UCLA Protest 06-10-10 US, CA   Activists marched through the UCLA campus protest
Injured dog limps into hospital ER 06-10-10 US, CA   An injured dog walked into an ER waiting room story
Largest anti-bullfighting demonstration 06-10-10 Spain Over 1000 activists participated in what is being hailed as the biggest AR demonstration protest
Activists destroy 20 bird trapping sites 06-10-08 Austria   Activists destroy 20 bird trapping sites direct action
ALF in Paris 06-10-08 France   Activists vandalized a butcher shop 'Roger', and more. direct action
Lacy St. Protest 06-10-06 US, CA   ARAs convened at the event for the new Animal Services "shelter" on Lacy Street. protest
Manager -Arsonist blamed ARAs 06-10-07 US, MA A store manager-turned-arsonist masked the crime by making it look like the work of ARAs. news
Speaker Wants Ban on Cattle Slaughter 06-10-06 Sri Lanka   Sri Lanka speaker asks for total ban on cattle slaughter. Morality
Poet Swaps Places with Lions 06-10-06 China   Poet swaps places with lions to draw attention to animal rights protest
National Primate Freedom Week 06-10-06 US, CA   National Primate Freedom Week starts protests at UCLA on Sunday, October 8 protests
Analysis of AETA 06-10-06 US   Astute analysis from law
Free Range Egg Ad 06-10-05 New Zealand   Animal Liberation NSW has launched a TV ad campaign targeting Australia's battery hen industry. Factory farming
Grand Jury Resistance Project 06-10-05 US, CA   Activists will demonstrate Thursday at 9am, San Francisco law
Director has beef with burgers 06-10-05 US   Fast Food Nation director Richard Linklater has a beef with burgers health
BUAV's new investigation - "Monkey Business" 06-10-05 UK   BUAV’s new undercover investigation – "Monkey Business" vivisection
Oxford Dons Fight the Lab 06-10-05 UK   Oxford dons have united for the first time to oppose Oxford's plan for an animal-testing lab vivisection
Battery hen campaign leaves a bad taste 06-10-05 US Egg producers believe a graphic television ad campaign may damage an already struggling industry. factory farming
Andrew Stepanian -- Interviewed 06-10-04 US Andrew Stepanian was interviewed as he heads for jail activism
Veg Week highlights 06-10-04 US   The kickoff event highlighted the plight of animals and how they feel. activism
International AR Day 06-10-03 world   International Animal rights Day, December 10, 2006 activism
Price of Cheap Eggs 06-10-03 world   The sad life of a chicken. farming
Farmed Animal Death Toll 06-10-02 US   The total number of land-based animals killed for food in the U.S. farming
Katrina Pets, one year later 06-10-02 US, LA   One year later, the forgotten pets of New Orleans remain forgotten. rescue




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