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ARA's Announce Next Target: 2012 Olympic site


A demonstration against the controversial Oxford University
 laboratory in January attended by supporters of Speak.
Photograph: Stephen Hird. Reuters

Animal rights activists announce their next 'legitimate target': 2012 Olympic site
    · Group claims Olympic firm linked to Oxford lab
    · Developers urged to take threat of action seriously

Sandra Laville and Hugh Muir
Tuesday October 17, 2006

Animal rights extremists warned yesterday that the 2012 Olympic site was now a target for direct action after claiming one of the companies involved in the project was behind the building of a controversial £20m animal research laboratory at Oxford University.

Speak, the animal rights organisation campaigning against the laboratory, issued an internet statement "identifying" the construction firm, Mace Ltd, as the "key company" in the Oxford project, a laboratory dedicated to research on animals. They stated that the involvement of Mace Ltd in the £5.2bn development of the Olympic stadium and village in east London was something that provided them with a "unique" opportunity in their campaign against the Oxford vivisection laboratory.

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