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Lonza Protest, activists converge on office

Animal activists converge on office

Oct 27 2006

By Paul Pickett

PROTESTERS converged on a company on Thursday, which they claim is financing experiments on animals.

Animal rights activists waving placards surrounded the offices of pharmaceutical company, Lonza, in Bath Road, Slough. The campaigners also handed out leaflets to members of the public as they walked past.

The animal rights protesters allege the company pays for animal experiments to be carried out by the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Paul Amos, spokesman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), said: "We had a lot of support from members of the public, particularly when they read the leaflets that we handed out."

Lonza Biologics was the only Slough company that SHAC demonstrated outside. But they also visited five other companies which are outside the area.

Lonza Biologics global research and development centre in Slough employs over 100 scientists dedicated to process design and development. The company undertakes highly specialised development and manufacturing services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We phoned Lonza Biologics six times and left a card at their Slough office for them to comment but nobody has as yet responded.

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