Lacy Street Protest
Los Angeles

A small but dedicated band of animal rights activists, convened yesterday at the invitation only - gala event, for the new Los Angeles Department of Animal Services "shelter" on Lacy Street to let those attending know the truth about the mismanagement, corruption and wholesale killing that is the real business of the LADAS under Ed Boks. (If you live in or near LA and are committed to attending legal pickets, please e-mail  and put in subject line See You In The Streets.)

Ed Boks, current General Manager of the six Los Angeles City shelters (virtual Death Camps for animals) gave an "order" to an LADAS animal control officer, telling him that activists had to remain behind an artificial barricade set up over a block away from the entrance to the festivities. He had LADAS goons filming the activists and enforcing the bogus sequestration.

When a legal observer with the group discovered, after much time and effort, that it was NOT the LAPD who erected the illegal barricade, BUT ED BOKS' ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS, the activists were of course, incensed. Ed Boks thought that he had the authority to subvert their constitutional right to protest on a public - tax payer owned - sidewalk!

After finally getting an ADL-LA attorney on the phone, a discussion between our lawyer and a member of the LAPD (who were also there out in force) agreed that Boks' order was clearly unconstitutional. So, without further ado, the activists peacefully walked up the public side walk and remained for the rest of the picket, in front of the main door to the ceremony. Activists then educated the party goers on Los Angeles' shameful, anachronistic and murderous animal shelter system.

Boks and his animal-slaughtering confreres attempted to drown out activists, who were speaking about the fact that there are no true foster programs and citing hundreds of (free and low cost) written policies that have NOT been implemented by Boks. Everytime a picketer would try and let the dignitaries in attendance know that this new death camp facility was indeed a sham, Boks ordered the orchestra to increase their decibel level and begin playing music (although we were told later that the panjandrums could still hear us loud and clear through the trusty bullhorn!) The salient observation was made that Adolph Hitler, like Boks, had commissioned full symphonic orchestras to sit outside the Nazi concentration camps and play Wilhelm Richard Wagner, in the belief that such euphony would disguise and sanitize the grisly genocide taking place at Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and Aushwitz.

Activists recited several chants, including "No more shelter lies - no more compromise!" and "Just more cages to fill; just more animals to kill!" as revelers drank champagne and toasted the new $154 million boondoggle that greased the blood-drenched palms of City planners, architects, contractors, engineers and local union 347; but under the current system will do little to nothing to save the lives of homeless and lost animals.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was also taken to task for appointing a two-time loser trained to "minister" to holy rollers, instead of highly skilled, intelligent and compassionate local candidates who applied for - and were willing to take a considerable cut in pay to have - the job.

The high muckamucks' in attendance, (commissioner Riordan wearing a black mini-skirt!) also learned about how David Diliberto had a lawsuit filed against him for sexual harassment and Ed Boks had to return recently to New York City to have depositions taken by the District Attorney, to answer charges of racism. They also learned that while Ed Boks claims that he is reducing the kill stats and taking Los Angeles toward No Kill, in reality he sends entire families - mothers with their nursing infants - to the kill rooms. Under his "leaderless" leadership over 25 unweaned baby kittens were slaughtered in less than two days because they had the "sniffles." (Ever hear of antibiotics, Ed?)

Boks refuses to implement  written protocols, programs and policies that have been proven to save lives and are being adopted by shelters and humane society's. Instead, as far as we are told by trusted inside sources who care about these animals, a very high percentage of those who have the misfortune to fall into Boks' clutches make it out alive. (The "numbers killed" and the numbers of animal bailed out by rescues versus those adopted by the residents of LA are all highly suspect.)


Best Friends animal sanctuary (who just happens to be a "best friend" of Ed Boks as well -- Boks has them listed on his resume as his "associates" ) just donated 200 THOUSAND dollars to study why overpopulation exists in LA!!!!! Like we didn't know ALREADY????

We believe there may very well be a "kick-back" involved in this bizarre and ludicrous contribution to the city of LA by Best Friends. Why ELSE would they be doing this ridiculous study, when anyone who has two brain cells KNOW the causes of overpopulation, and would rather this money be used towards implementing solutions!!! !

Picketers departed after an hour and a half, knowing that their message was heard, and looking forward to the next three Death Camp gala events Boks promises to have in the upcoming weeks.

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