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Doogie's Visit by Tammy Grimes Oct 18, '06
October 19, 2006

Subject: Doogie Visit by Tammy Grimes October 18, 2006

October 18th Tammy went to see Doogie to see how his health was. He was doing excellently for his age and physical challenges! He is receiving great care, love, home cooked food, and kindness. A big thanks for his wonderful caretakers. These are the two latest pictures of him, please click below to see the videos.

Doogie eating, forgetting for a moment that he is camera-shy.
(My favorite!)

Doogie walking in the yard.

Doogie's comment for those who think he should go back to his abusers.

(I know, I told him to just ignore them and go about his business, but he said this WAS his business, and he wanted to make sure they knew how he felt.)

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