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Fighting for Animal Rights

Written by Editorial on 26th October 2006

VIVIDLY dressed animal rights protesters returned to a site in Maidenhead on Thursday to express their objection to work by a business in the town. The small group of banner-waving protesters picketed the entrances to Abbott Laboratories in Norden Road during the afternoon.

The peaceful demonstration was monitored by Maidenhead police officers as the group of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) members chanted slogans and made appeals against animal cruelty. Members of SHAC had visited the same site six months ago in April, as well as at Taplow-based pharmaceutical company Wyeth in August this year. In each case, the campaigners have claimed the companies are customers of the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratories in Cambridgeshire which carries out tests on animals. Their visit to Maidenhead is part of a nationwide tour of companies the pressure group says use Huntingdon labs.

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