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British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection: Comment on EU review of legislation

26 Oct 2006

Responding to the Home Office's recent statement on the EU review of legislation governing primate supply to and use by the research industry, BUAV campaigner Dave Powell said:

"The use of these sensitive, intelligent creatures as research fodder is not only morally wrong, it's been shown to be scientifically inefficient as well. Decades of testing on monkeys have produced AIDS vaccines and stroke cures that appear to work on them but don’t protect humans. The review of the European legislation gives the Government the chance to deal with the clear scientific and moral imperative to stop this pointless suffering in the best interests of animal and human health.

Further, the Home Office’s claim that the supply and use of primates by UK researchers is ‘properly conducted’ and ‘carefully regulated’ is simply not true. Just this month the BUAV revealed via an undercover investigation that one of the UK’s main suppliers of primates is an industrial-scale factory farm that breaks the conditions of its approval by the Government on almost every level. And of course we have also previously revealed the appalling conditions these sensitive creatures face when they arrive in our labs."



Further information, footage and stills of the BUAV's latest undercover investigation of a monkey factory farm are available in multiple formats from the BUAV Press Office. It shows conditions at a UK government approved supplier of Macaques to Huntingdon Life Sciences - owned by a joint Vietnamese and Hong King owned company Nafovanny based in Long Thanh, Vietnam.

The BUAV has been campaigning for over 100 years to achieve a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals. We are committed to achieving our aims through reliable and reasoned evidence-based debate. We are proudly non-violent and respect the quality of life for all – animals and people.

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