October 11, 2006

Anti-Fur week, day two Tuesday

Day 2 of Anti-Fur Week, and another very successful day, with 17 protesters in all at Harrods and Joseph (Sloane St). As well as the usual colourful display, our protester The Fox unfurled a second huge banner at Harrods, with the No Fur symbol in eight different languages (respectively German, English, Dutch, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Turkish - with space for a couple of additions later). It certainly increased awareness at Harrods where at least half of the public is made up of foreign tourists.

The London Bus Tour passes by every few minutes along the A4 Brompton Rd, and the tourists get a fantastic view of the protest each time it goes by, often stopping for a few minutes in slow traffic, and they always crowd onto our side of the bus, with row cameras clicking and flashes going off. Harrods is actually one of the places featured on the Itinerary displayed on the side of the buses, but it is always the protest they are interested in rather than the store, and on each protests there are hundreds of tourists taking photos of anti-fur and anti-Harrods banners back with them to all corners of the world.

Once again lots of support, really effective and our message was heard near and far.

The demos continue this week until Saturday 14th, meeting each day at Harrods from 11am until about 4pm. Either just turn up or contact us for more details (contact 07899 775493).

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