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Vegan Challenges Professor to Triathlon

Press Release: NZ Vegetarian Society  

September 20 2006

Vegan Challenges Professor Robert Pickard to Triathlon

Christchurch vegan Ella Soryl (11) has challenged Professor Robert Pickard to prove his claims that her diet is lacking.

Ella, a life vegan who has never eaten animal products, won her school triathlon this year, and was a finalist in the Vegan Triathlon in 2006 and 2005. Ella has challenged Professor Pickard to compete with her in a one on one triathlon.

"If you’re going to say silly things like children must eat animal products, you have to be prepared to put your money where your mouth is’ says Ella. "I challenge Professor Pickard to meet me on the sports field and run, swim and bike it out with me."

Professor Pickard, whose trip to New Zealand has been financed by the animal foods industry, has been unable to provide references as proof for his claims when asked by vegetarian organisations in the UK. His claims contradict the position of the New Zealand Dieticians association that a vegan diet is appropriate for all stages of the human life cycle.

"Pro meat ‘experts’ sponsored by animal industries are as credible as tobacco industry ‘experts’ who promote smoking," says New Zealand Vegetarian Society (Christchurch Centre) spokesperson Yolanda Soryl.

Yolanda Soryl, who is the mother of the vegan triathlete, says that it is hard work keeping up with her 4 energetic life vegan children and wishes Dr Pickard the best of luck if he is brave enough to try to match her daughter in the race.


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