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Residents to receive DVDs showing abuse 06-09-30 US, AZ   Chandler residents to receive DVD's showing Covance animal abuse vivisection
Fur Free Retail Program 06-09-30 world   International Fur Free Retail Program Fur
Speak National Demo 06-09-30 UK  October 21 protest
Champ for Chimps 06-09-30 world   From Seattle to Cameroon, she's a champion for chimpanzees saints
Milk exposed by MSN news 06-09-29 US   The truth about Dairy leaks out into mainstream media health
Eternal Treblinka Released in Japan 06-09-29 Japan Japan is the latest country to decide to publish "Eternal Treblinka" novel
I didn't do it, activist says 06-09-29 Canada Sinikka Crosland says she is not involved with a fake tourism website that disparages website
Birds catch eye of ARAs 06-09-28 US Water park’s birds catch eye of animal-rights group parrots
Parakeets gain legal protection 06-09-28 US, CT   ARAs have won in their attempt to protect shoreline monk parakeets colonies law
Protesters storm Cavalli fashion show 06-09-28 Italy   Anti-fur protestors storm Cavalli fashion show protest
Retail giants go anti-fur 06-09-28 UK   Retail giants in Scotland go anti-fur protest
Leigh Animal Sanctuary Protest 06-09-28 UK   Activists Protest the Sanctuary's killing protest
Activists Score Victory 06-09-19 US, CA   Activists Score Victory Against Battery Cages protest
Webb - Not Face of non-Organization 06-09-27 UK   Robin Webb tries to explain to a judge that he isn't the face of a legally non-existent Org. law
ALF release fish from a Scottish farm 06-09-14 UK   Activists went to an intensive halibut farm near Oban fish farm
Stop The Killing Campaign 06-09-26 US, CA   Campaign against the needless slaughter of homeless animals by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services protests
Hunting season is here... 06-09-24 US   Hunting season is here, and wildlife are running for their lives hunting
Pro Meat Report Lacks Credibility 06-09-23 New Zealand   Pro-meat report challenged by Vegan Society health
SHAC 7 Sentencing 06-09-23 US   SHAC 7 Sentencing: History repeating itself law
Testing on Chimps 06-09-23 world   Experimenting on Chimpanzees - history vivisection
New Prisoner - Dr. Joseph Harris 06-09-22 UK   New POW - Dr. Joseph Harris law
Next Blood Bath 06-09-20 Spain   And ... Spain's next bloodbath  bullfight
Vegan Challenges Professor to Triathlon 06-09-20 New Zealand   11-year old vegan challenges professor to triathlon  sports
Scientist jailed for sabotage 06-09-20 UK   Scientist jailed for animal testing sabotage vivisection
Spaymobile 06-09-19 US   The "spaymobile" in Crystal River serves pet owners. pets
Prison terms could drive stealthy violence 06-09-19 US   Activist: SHAC prison terms could drive stealthy violence. activism
Conspiracy to Incite Vandalism 06-09-19 US   SHAC7 sentences law
Solidarity needed in Oxford 06-09-19 UK   SPEAK says Support and Solidarity needed in Oxford protest
23 Rabbits Liberated 06-09-19 US, MA   23 rabbits liberated from a Massachusetts laboratory. liberation
Lab Eyewitness 06-09-19 US   Eye witness to vivisection discusses chimps. vivisection
WSPA Petition 06-09-19 world   If you only sign one petition, we recommend that it be this one. Law
Most Outrageous Bird Contest 06-09-19 world   The intelligence of birds is usually underestimated by most people. Speciesism
Lies and Truth about Heart Research 06-09-18 world   Lies and Truth about Heart Research in Animals. vivisection
'Starfish model' for war on terrorism 06-09-18 US   How to counter a decentralized foe. ALF Foes
Veterinarian says Jake was abused 06-09-18 US, PA   Vet says the dog that Tammy Grimes rescued had been abused. rescue
What We Did To Rodney 06-09-18 world   Fund in relation to the story about Rodney. story
Forget Sept 11 06-09-18 US   Essay on how Nationalism is used by politicians. politics
Anti-Bullfight 06-09-15 Spain   Organization of anti-bullfighting protests protests
Fit For Purpose 06-09-14 UK   Critical statement on the purpose and responsibilities of the veterinary profession vivisection
Myth: Killing Can Be Kind 06-09-13 world   Editorial by Patty Mark animals
Tammy Grimes Arrested 06-09-12 US, PA   Grimes Jailed for Rescuing Dying Chained Dog rescue
Letter Re: Juice Company 06-09-11 US, CA   Response to article "Activists Target Juice Company" protest
Hunt Sab Press Release 06-09-11 UK Call for police to target the real hunt criminals as case against 7 anti-hunt protestors collapses hunting
UCLA Presents Distorted Image 06-09-11 US, CA   UCLA Presents Distorted Image of Animal Testing, Activists Allege vivisection
Activists Target Juice Company 06-09-10 US, CA   Firm seeks to bar AR protesters from posting employee data on the Web protest
Response to "Promoting Reform" 06-09-08 world   Response by G. Francione to essay by Singer-Friedrich (Sept 5) philosophy
Chimps develop code 06-09-06 Guinea   Chimpanzees develop their own green cross code for jungle highways speciesism
Offsite: Stone_traps 06-09-06 France Barbaric Stone Traps in France hunting
Court keeps poultry slaughter case alive 06-09-06 US, D.C.   A U.S. court ruled that the Humane Society can sue the government over the way chickens are slaughtered Law
MEPs vote to halt seal slaughter 06-09-06 Europe Green Plan to Ban EU Seal Fur Imports Wins Majority Support Law
30,000 Mink Liberated 06-09-03 Russia   30,000 mink released from fur farm liberation
Surgeon Walks a Thin Line on AR 06-09-05 US   Dr. Jerry Vlasak in world of surgery, but against vivisection news
Promoting AR by Promoting Reform 06-09-05 world   Essay by Peter Singer and Bruce Friedrich philosophy
Experts Call to Release Elder Chimps 06-09-05 US   Experts call upon labs to release elder chimps vivisection
"Anti-Bullfighting City" Campaign 06-09-04 Portugal   campaign in Portugal which aims to create the first Anti-Bullfighting City bull-fighting
AR Meeting with UCLA 06-09-04 US, CA   news conference on Sept 5 at the UCLA Chancellor's Office vivisection
What America Needs 06-09-03 US   Animal Rights: What America Needs Most activism
Mythic Non-violence 06-09-03 world   Essay by Taime Bryant philosophy
Direct Action 06-09-03 world   An essay from FreeThe Animals philosophy
Lindy Greene on "Violence 06-09-03 world   Controversy regarding the topic of violence as a potential strategy philosophy
A Cure for What Jails Ya 06-09-03 US   An Interview with Jailed "Eco-terrorist" Jeffrey Luers ALF POWs
FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned 06-09-03 US   Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment law
End Circus Suffering in the Algarve 06-09-03 Portugal Holiday makers targeted in initiative to end circus suffering in the Algarve circus
Circus Protestors are OK 06-09-02 US, CA The ruling gives animal rights advocates the right to protest law
Reward for Arrest of Vivisector 06-09-01 US, CA Anonymous Celebrity Matches Reward for Arrest vivisection




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