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SPEAK National Demo


12 Noon, Oxpens Park, Oxpens Rd, Oxford

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Details of transport from around the country will be sent shortly

In Oxford City Centre, builders wearing balaclava masks to hide their identities are at work building a large animal research complex. The building was due to be completed almost a year ago in Autumn 2005, and but for the courage and determination of campaigners, by now thousands of animals would have been tortured and killed at the hands of vivisectors behind the locked doors of the building.

For the past 2 and a half years SPEAK has been fighting the combined might of Oxford University, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and the government in a relentless campaign to prevent the lab from being built.

At the same time we have had great success in exposing the lies and fraudulent science behind animal experimentation. With regular and extensive media coverage both nationally and internationally, for the first time the scientists and the drug companies have found themselves in the spotlight and have been forced to try to justify their misleading, cruel and dangerous experiments.

Following a successful campaign, work on the animal labs was halted for over 18 months. When the government stepped in and pledged �100 million of taxpayers money in an effort to shore up the project, we were not surprised. The (New) Labour Party has received millions of pounds in donations (bribes) from the biotech industry, its biggest single source of donations, both before and after coming into government, and now it's time to reward their paymasters.

Added to this is the fact that many government ministers, including Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, are former Oxford University students, as are many of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry bosses - it's called the 'Old Boys' network.

In an attempt to silence SPEAK, Oxford University used its financial and political might to obtain a High Court injunction which severely restricted protests at the site of the proposed labs to just one day a week for four hours.

And despite all this, the campaign has continued and grown. In April this year 1,500 protesters marched through the streets of Oxford to oppose the lab and support the campaign.

We expect the march and rally on 21st October to be one of the biggest protests so far, so please turn up to show your solidarity with the SPEAK campaign and send a clear message to the government, the university and the so-called scientists - We will not be silenced and we will not go away and we will fight you every inch of the way in order to bring to an end the cruel scientific fraud that is vivisection, a practice that has been responsible for killing both human and non human animals.

Please Join us on 21st October.

Vivisection Information Network (VIN)
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