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Letter to Editor regarding Juice Company


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Mon, 11 Sep 2006

Despite the fact that the majority of juice companies in the world do not test their products on animals shows how NOT so wonderful the POM Wonderful company really is. This company would rather spend their energy and resources silencing human citizens freedom of speech, brutally stealing the lives of innocent animals and then ignoring the real issue about how unnecessary, cruel and selfish their testing on non human animals are.

The issues here, which the LA Times article failed to point out, is not really about non human animal's rights at all. Its about how so many humans can and will so easily ignore the ethical corruption they wonderfully develop when it comes to the lives of other species and ending the freedoms of those who are opposed to cruelty to animals. It's as if all of a sudden like magic the concept of cruelty to animals never existed and the idea of being kind to those voiceless and innocent non humans was a major threat to the fabric of our society. The truth is this. There does exist a thing called cruelty to animals and just because it may happen in a laboratory does not make it less cruel! Are we all supposed to imagine that once a human being enters a laboratory with a non human being that the concept of being cruel disappears magically because it's supposedly an important experiment? What...killing animals to make health claims about juice?

Well, what about the fact that no healthy, normal human being would ever in a million years permit what is done to other animals in laboratories to be inflicted on their own dog, cat or any other non human animal they may know personally. Yet, why then is it all of a sudden considered an act of terrorism for another human being to speak out against that same exact cruelty done to the poor beings who have no voice and have no one to defend their freedom to live? I think the real issues here are how morally corrupt human beings can become in allowing so many helpless animals to be cruelly tested on because of ridiculous, trivial and selfish reasons. And how can we allow people who are so self absorbed in their pursuit of making money that they be allowed to torture and kill animals and then wanting to silence the humans who are actually opposed to it. Why is the freedom of speech in defending innocent animals seen in the same light as flying airplanes into buildings? And why is the ruthless, cruel, and hard headed pursuit of making health claims about juice seem so noble? Why do we as a society think its so wrong and dangerous to speak out for those who cannot be heard yet we tolerate the selfish spirit of killing animals as if it were such a patriotic and mighty cause. I think the real terrorists are winning. Remember they hate us for our real freedoms, like speech and not for our unhealthy freedoms to kill animals and make health claims about juice!

Philip Steir

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