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Lies and Truth about Heart Research in Animals

Dr. JJ Pippin is a cardiologist. He used to be an animal researcher, but couldn't justify it anymore, so now he helps us learn how to do our part to end this atrocity.

Lies and Truth about Heart Research in Animals

The Lie: Animal research is essential to identify risk factors for heart disease.

The Truth: All CV risk factors have been identified from human epidemiological and observational studies. Not even one risk factor has been identified from animal tests.

The Lie: Animal research is essential to identify treatments for stroke.

The Truth: Over 700 drugs have been successful to treat strokes in animals. Every one of more than 150 tested so far in humans has failed. The only approved drug for strokes (rTPA) was already being used to treat heart attacks, and did not require animal testing.

The Lie: Animal research is essential to study coronary artery disease (CAD).

The Truth: No animal except humans gets CAD. Attempts to produce CAD have failed in over 20 animal species, even using genetic manipulations and high cholesterol diets.

The Lie: Animal research protects humans from adverse cardiovascular drug effects.

The Truth: Vioxx caused fatal heart attacks and strokes in more than 60,000 Americans and 150,000 worldwide. FDA�s David Graham calls it the worst drug disaster ever.

Baycol (cholesterol medicine) caused fatal muscle and kidney disease.

Fen-phen (diet drug) caused fatal heart valve disease and lung disease.

Seldane (antihistamine) caused fatal heart rhythms.

Propulsid (reflux drug) caused fatal heart rhythms, often in children.

All of these medicines and many other lethal drugs were safe in animal tests.

Join North Texas Animal Rights Network and Animal Connection of Texas for an educational demonstration at the AHA Heart Walk in Dallas on Saturday, September 23, 2006.

Everybody bring somebody, and remember to wear a red shirt!

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