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International Fur Free Retail Program

September 28, 2006

International Fur Free Retail Program Announced United States joins 9 countries and 35 leading organizations to promote "fur free" retailers

Sacramento, CA - The Animal Protection Institute today announced the launch of Consumers for a Fur Free Society, the United States Fur Free Retail Program. The Fur Free Retail Program is an international effort to provide consumers with accurate information regarding a retailer's fur policy, allowing consumers to make an informed choice about the ethical health of retailers they shop. A companion web site has also been launched at

The Fur Free Retail Program is endorsed by the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of more than 35 leading animal protection and environmental organizations, representing more than 10 million members and supporters in the U.S. alone. The program was developed, and will be overseen, by the Animal Protection Institute, a national animal advocacy organization based in California.

"This is an incredible marketing opportunity for retailers," says Michelle Thew, CEO of the Animal Protection Institute. "Ethical awareness among consumers continues to grow, and companies will need to adjust accordingly to keep pace with the increasing demand for compassionate choices in the marketplace. The Fur Free Retail Program provides a simple way for retailers to appeal to this influential and socially active demographic."

Worldwide, designers and retailers have responded to customer concerns regarding the cruelty of the fur industry by going "fur free" and refusing to sell or design items with fur. The Fur Free Retail Program supports retailers looking to go fur free by assisting them through the steps to ensure adherence throughout their supply chains and in licensing the Fur Free Fox logo for display. Consumers for a Fur Free Society will publicly endorse and promote fur free retailers in the media, through marketing and among their combined partner membership of more than 10 million individuals.

"We're looking forward to using our combined influence to send a strong message to retailers about the cruelty inherent to the fur industry," says Thew. "We're excited to work with retailers that recognize the ethical and economic importance of socially responsible consumerism."

The Fur Free Retail Program also launched today in the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, and Finland.

The Animal Protection Institute is a national non-profit animal advocacy organization working to end animal cruelty and exploitation through legislation, litigation, and public education. More information is available at For more information on the Fur Free Alliance, visit



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