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Chandler residents to receive DVDs showing abuse

Chandler residents to receive DVDs showing animal abuse

PHOENIX Some residents in Chandler are about to receive some graphic D-V-Ds.

The movies show undercover footage of alleged animal abuse inside Covance laboratories, which is seeking to open one of its largest facilities in Chandler.

Covance is a global biotech firm that uses animals to test drugs.

About 23-thousand Chandler voters will receive the D-V-Ds, which are marked "not suitable for children."

The D-V-D urges voters not to allow Covance to build in the city. It includes undercover footage of alleged animal mistreatment in Covance facilities in Virginia and Germany.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals and the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection gathered the images after members infiltrated the laboratories.

The Chandler City Council will decide whether to rezone 38 acres near Price and Germann roads for a 100 (m) million dollar Covance drug development facility. No date has been set for that decision.


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