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Most Outrageous Bird Contest


13 Celebrity Animal Lovers Including Todd Oldham, Tippi Hedren, Ed Begley Jr, Ally Sheedy, Persia White and Sesame Street�s Famed Big Bird to Judge Idol-Styled Viral Video Search for the Most Offbeat Avian Talent

NEW YORK, NY, September 12, 2006 � Did you know there�s a cockatoo in Hawaii that can not only sing "Jingle Bells," but mimic Sinatra crooning "My Way?" Then there�s Mr. URL, a scarlet macaw owned by a web executive who spews Internet jargon like a CEO chasing an IPO. There are birds that quote raps by Eminem, dialogue from Schwarzenegger flicks and the speeches of J.F.K. And let� s not forget the avian athletes who ride bikes, pump iron and do gymnastics, or the righteously vain pretty birds who use their perches as catwalks to parade, preen then hoist plumage that make Heidi Klum green with envy!

All across America, there are pet birds with truly offbeat and outrageous talents � bird talkers, dancers, singers, models, athletes, even artistés who can paint. Now, thanks to the Mag Rack TV network and its show, The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone, America�s most outrageous birds and their faithful owner/trainers are finally getting a forum to celebrate their boldest and most bizarre achievements.

Beginning September 12, Mag Rack�s "Most Outrageous Bird Video Contest" will invite bird-owners and -watchers to send in videos of our feathered friends doing amazing and outrageous things, ones that just begin with the above. The best of these spirited feats of avian splendid-tude will be posted on a dedicated web site at, where cyber-surfers can vote to move their favorites forward in the competition, and also share these arresting viral videos with their friends.

These birds and their videographers will not only be in it for the glory, but financial rewards as well. After the entry deadline of November 20, 2006, the public will be invited back the we bsite to cast their vote for the top 10 finalists. The leading vote-getter will receive the "Pet Shop People�s Choice" prize and a $1,000 grand prize.

And since this is a contest all about "star-quality," Mag Rack is also lining up a celebrity judging panel to quorum then award a second $1,000 "Celebrities Choice" prize to one of the top ten birds. Led by Marc Morrone, the host of Mag Rack�s 25-part on-demand series, The Pet Shop, the panel is comprised of a broad array of animal loving notables who know all about style and star- quality, including:

� Edward Asner: Now re-emerging onto the television scene with NBC�s "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," animal activist Asner is best known for his role as Lou Grant on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

� Ed Begley Jr.: This environmental activist and notable Hollywood actor has made appearances on many syndicated shows including, "7th Heaven," "Six Feet Under," "M*A*S*H" and is an active leader in the "Take Action Yourself Camp," an organization that promotes environmental awareness.

� Dom DeLuise: Actor, author, chef and lover of animals, DeLuise has published his own line of "Eat This" cookbooks and various children�s books, and can also be seen in "An American Tail."

� Tippi Hedren: Most recognized as the star of Alfred Hitchcock�s classic horror film, "The Birds," Hedren is a committed animal rights activist and founder of the Roar Foundation, an organization which supports the Shambala, the only wild animal preserve in the U.S.

� Davy Jones: The actor/singer best known for his stint in the 60�s tv pop group, The Monkees, Jones now devotees a great deal of his time and energy to grassroots community causes.

� Rue McClanahan: Recognized as a pop culture icon for her Emmy Award winning role as Blanche Devereaux on the television sitcom "The Golden Girls," vegetarian and animal rights activist Rue McClanahan became one of the first celebrities to support PETA.

� Michael Musto: Journalist for NYC�s "The Village Voice" where he writes the weekly gossip column "La Dolce Musto," Michael is a lover of both the arts and animals

� Todd Oldham: American fashion designer extraordinaire, Oldham is currently recognized for bringing style to the nation with his new products sold through Target. An active humanitarian, he strongly supports PETA and is a member on the board of advocates for Bailey House, a supportive housing system for people living with HIV and AIDS.

� Ally Sheedy: Most recognized for her role as an original member of "The Brat Pack" in "The Breakfast Club," Sheedy is also a poet and author of the best selling children�s book "She Was Nice to Mice."

� Carol Spinney: Spinney is the thespian best known to the world as Sesame Street�s Big Bird.

� Joan Van Ark: An avid animal activist and long-time supporter of the Farm Animal Sanctuary, an organization that provides care and rehabilitation to rescued farm animals, Joan Van Ark is most noted for her role in the "Dallas" spin-off, "Knots Landing."

� Persia White: Honored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as 2005 Humanitarian of the Year, White is currently an active member of PETA, Farm Sanctuary and the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. In addition to her role on UPN�s nationally-syndicated sitcom "Girlfriends," she is also the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band XEO3.

� Jo Anne Worley: Currently the vice president of Actors and Others for Animals, Worley is known for her comedic role on "Rowan & Martin�s Laugh In" and a voice talent in animated favorites including Disney�s "Beauty and the Beast" and "Kim Possible."

To enter, bird lovers can send video on disc or tape to Mag Rack�s Most Outrageous Bird Search, c/o Mag Rack, 11 Penn Plaza, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Full contest details and the best entries will be posted at .

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