This is a story of how Randy Warner fought a 4 year battle against the hillbilly mafia ( Riverside County Board of Supervisors ) to protect the 21 Dalmatians he had rescued from abusive homes or dog pounds facing death. The county at one time removed all the dogs just to show him they had the power, and killed all but his two. For the next 4 years and 43 court appearances, they spent $60,000 to try and convict Warner of an infraction and collect the $100 fine. Never happened. Warner was the ultimate victor. Following this fiasco, a grand jury indicted two of the supervisors and the head of Riverside County animal control and passed down 28 felony charges against them for animal abuse, etc

You can contact Randy N. Warner at

Update from Mr. Warner, August 2006: I now live in Mohave County AZ. I am half way between Las Vegas and Kingman in an extremely remote area where the nearest grocery or place of business is 47 miles. I own 2.25 acres and it's fenced. I live here with my five dogs and the county is taking me to court for having 1 dog over the limit. I now face $1,000 fine and 4 months in jail as a class 2 misdemeanor criminal for 'endangering the community' and being a ''nuisance to the community''. My 4 nearest neighbors (within a 2.5 mile radius ) all wrote to the courts to strongly support me. The county wants me to get a kennel permit but I don't own the 2.5 acres required. I am 1/4 acre short with my 2.25 and they refuse to discuss a variance.

I am now fighting back (de ja vu) on a constitutional basis. See  I honestly believe I can come out on top here. That does not necessarily mean I expect to 'win' the case, but have had so many newspaper articles condemning the county for this, that now people in the area are beginning to take notice of the ridiculous laws and are recognizing me in a supportive way.

When I'm not ''being a criminal'' I'm authoring text books for schools on humane education and my latest work is a non fiction novel regarding the problems facing the animal protection movement and has a 5 star rating on  And, my latest project is conducting an international published research study project on the efficacies and methodology of humane education in our nation's schools. I have 11 universities who have offered one or more Ph.d's from their staff to do the actual work that I am not qualified to do. It will take approximately 5 years to complete. See 


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