Aug 1, 2006

Red listed dog got extension but will be put down if not rescued tomorrow NEEDS HELP ASAP!! BEYOND URGENT!!! MORE DOGS TO BE KILLED TODAY--SAVE THEM!!!

"If Ed Boks is doing such a blazing good job, why am I still, six months into his "reign", receiving multiple pleas like this one EVERY DAY??????

The killing seems to have increased. This is sickening."

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 Senior sad yorkie girl - North Central
This is beyond sad, and makes me so angry. This will only continue to happen because no one is speaking out against Ed Boks. It's all his fault. No one, including his employees, understands his "New Hope" program. Is there a vet at North LA who signed off on this dog, or was she killed at the whim of some stupid employee who saw tartar on her teeth? Is tartar irremediable suffering? What the hell? I know that Julie or Becky would have taken this dog. But there was no notice given that she would be offed like yesterday's shelter employees' fast food remnants. Has Ed Boks hired ANY vets since he came here? I know that a recruiting firm that is on the city's preferred list offered to recruit vets for him 2 weeks ago, and was turned away. With no competent vet care in our shelters, how DARE he call them "Animal Care Centers?" When are people going to start speaking up and taking a stand against the ongoing incompetence of our "shelters?" And guess what. They are getting away with it. Animals will continue to die needlessly unless everyone in the "humane" community starts speaking out against this sort of atrocity. I'm sick to my stomach. Again.

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It just tears your heart out to see something like this -- I know we all wish we could do something, but everyone is so maxed out. I am afraid that when you click on the picture now, it says that she is no longer on the online database -- I don't know if I have the courage to call the shelter to hear what has happened to this little one. I also didn't see the whole e-mail until I printed it out -- What do they mean by "new hope" -- is this a rescue group that goes to the shelters to take and post pictures of the dogs? Does anyone know??? If so, hopefully someone from that group has gotten her out. So Sad!!
I guess i am to be the bearer of bad news - it was on the CSI group - they euthanized her with no notice. First they said she could not stand but she was standing in her pics and then they said because her teeth were so bad. So it is all moot now. She is whole again at the bridge. It is very sad though. I had an email already to go to everybody in the known universe to see if there was a place for her but when I checked her link she was gone.
I think New Hope is the term they use when a dog is available to rescue and the rescues that are signed up to take these dogs are the New Hope partners. I think you have to be 501 c but not 100% on this -- just what I gleaned from the lists.
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Subject: RE: [stopthekilling] LA SHELTER MANAGER BOKS SUED IN NYC!
I tried calling the LAAS # last night when a jack Russell terrier was trapped in a Lexus with 95 degree heat outside (110+), for over an hour, in a parking lot in Brentwood.
There was no way to reach a human after hours on 888-453-7281! I redialed several times and the recording only referred to "human emergencies calling 911".
Just goes to show where their concerns stop, with people! Miraculously, the dog survived and the woman who the dog belonged to & I had a very heated exchange.
I alerted the W L.A. facility today, but I doubt anything will change.

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Subject: Fwd: CA. - Press Release: Groundbreaking Lawsuit, Trial Mon 7.31.06, CA Shelt... an interesting idea - sue the city for breaking the law!!!!!

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Subject: at-risk animals in the shelter
What really pisses me off is that many of these "alerts" on animals are coming from Boks' own employees. (And I'm still not sure what the difference is between the "Red Tag" and "At RisK" animals). Instead of actually doing the jobs they are supposed to do, (like better adoption programs) they are trying to lay off animals on rescue groups. Previously these alerts would come from other rescuers. Now it's Boks' people saying, "Come and get 'em, all you rescuers, or I'M GOING TO KILL THEM!!!!

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Subject: Re: [stopthekilling] July/August No Kill Sheltering Newsletter Received by ADL-LA!
Here in Warren Co., KY where I live, we are fortunate to have a great Humane Soc. and No Kill Shelter w/a very high adoption rate; low-cost spay neuter program even for pets not adopted from the shelter that low-income folks can use; our Shelter has MANY benefit programs throughout the year to raise $$ (golf scrambles, telethons, and the Puppy Paddle in Sept. wherein for a $5 fee people can bring their dogs and swim w/them at one of the public pools and all proceeds go to the Shelter).
ADL-LA notes:
Dear Warren Co. KY poster,
We are utterly mortified to have to admit that our so-called "progressive city" is NOT EVEN IN THE PROCESSION when it comes to using common-sense, visionary programs, protocols, and policies that will get us to NO KILL. We're ecstatic for the animals in Warren Co., KY! Wish we could say the same for the animals sitting inside our six Los Angeles City Death Camps! General Manager Ed Boks has proved to be the fraud everyone warned about upon his appointment to the position. We afforded him multiple opportunities to do right by the animals - but he has refused them all. Boks is not only a fraud, but he's also vindictive and jealous of those truly sincere about helping animals. He teams up with surly individuals who spend their time harassing and targeting people who endeavor desperately to save animals. It's all monumentally tragic. And a well-known, large rescue coalition (you know who you are) doesn't have the cojones to stand up and be critical of Boks for fear of removal from the New Hope list (some LAAS employees have named it the "New Joke" list.) Neither do the LAAS Commissioners have the courage to step up to the plate - even though the president, Kathy Riordan, has a lifetime appointment (because Villaraigosa would NEVER remove powerful ex-Mayor Riordan's daughter. It would be the "kiss of death" for Villa La Grossa! ) Most everyone - except for a few courageous souls in the rescue/humane community - just continues to "play it safe" while the animals are lined up and slaughtered. The Rescue/Humane Community and the welfarists are simply shooting themselves and the animals in the foot. So please call, fax, and e-mail the individuals below and tell them it's high time they began to let the Mayor know that there is severe mismanagement, disorganization and croneyism under General Manager of LAAS Ed Boks.
Jimmy Blackman, Deputy Chief of Staff
Phone: 213-922-9748 (Direct number!)
Fax: 213 978-0889 
Marcus Allen, Deputy Chief of Staff
Phone: 213-922-9750
Fax: 213-978-0889  Robin Kramer, Chief Of Staff
Phone: 213-922-9739
Fax: 213-978-0727 



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