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A Man, plan, then FBI 06-08-30 US, IL   A Man, a Plan, a Dam. Then, an F.B.I. Call terrorism
A Chimp's Life 06-08-29 world   52 Years in a Lab vivisection
Tordesillas Demo '06 06-08-29 Spain   Anti-bullfighting Demo bullfighting
Demo At TEVA HQ 06-08-29 Israel   Demonstration at TEVA headquarters protest
Searching for a Way Home 06-08-29 US, LA   One year after Hurricane Katrina rescue
Stop AETA 06-08-29 US   the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act is one of the most pernicious laws ever proposed in our lifetimes. law
Fishermen fear AR extremists 06-08-28 UK   Fishermen fear action by the Lobster Liberation Front fishing
Meat with a virus garnish 06-08-28 US   US FDA approves adding viruses to meat health
UCLA Test Transparency 06-08-28 US, CA call upon the vice chancellor to institute a policy of transparency for UCLA's labs vivisection
AR - voters can choose 06-08-28 US, AZ   Voters can choose to protect animals law
China Olympics 06-08-27 world   Reasons to boycott the 2008 Olympics protests
Mobile Zoos 06-08-27 Russia Action against mobile zoos has passed there. protests
SHAC in Israel 06-08-27 Israel Animal rights activists target Teva: 'Stop working with HLS'. vivisection
Anti-fur Victory 06-08-25 Austria Victory for anti-fur campaigners fur
Foie Gras Protest 06-08-25 US, ID  Planned protest over foie gras protest
Covance's animal testing 06-08-24 US, AZ   Covance refuses to take path from animal testing. vivisection
Help put the vivisection record straight 06-08-24 UK   What Tony Blair doesn't know about vivisection. vivisection
Feds Appeal Wiretapping Ruling 06-08-23 US   "There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution." law
Romanian Dogs 06-08-23 Romania   Video documentary of plight of dogs dogs
Bullfight Protest 06-08-22 Spain   Bullfight protest planned for September protests
SARC protests 06-08-21 UK   AR group pledges to hold weekly protests protests
The Christian and Animal Suffering 06-08-21 world   essay religion
Why People Kill Animals 06-08-21 Croatia   The main reason people kill animals religion
AR News 06-08-21 Croatia   AR news from Croatia activism
Homeless Dog Strategy 06-08-19 Serbia   New Belgrade Homeless Dogs Strategy dogs
Activists Freed 06-08-19 UK   Animal activists freed over filthy breeding centre Law
Culling Cormorants 06-08-08 Canada, US   Culling cormorants to acceptable level "not right" birds
Bones Says Thanks 06-08-17 South Africa   Will Bones ever stop saying thanks? seals
Chris DeRose Interview 06-08-17 US, CA   Interview with Chris DeRose activists
Demonstrations 06-08-xx UK, Brazil, India, Germany   PETA Demonstrations factory farming
Covance fight 06-08-17 US, AZ   Legal battle between Covance and PCRM will be expensive animal testing
Zapote 06-08-17 Mexico   Old circus chimp is saved by activists. Mexico
New Pages 06-08-16 website   In case you haven't seen this page.... website
Gas Chamber Man 06-08-16 US   Yes, I gas dogs and cats for a living. shelters
Massacring 90,000 Horses 06-08-16 US   Which is worse - killing 50,000 dogs or 90,000 horses? editorial
Abandoned Animals in the North 06-08-16 Israel   Animals abandoned in the North Israel
Compassion in Action 06-08-16 Tibet   Tibetan Volunteers for Animals Tibet
AR News - August 2006 06-08-15 Russia   AR Newsletter Russia
Activists Storm DC 06-08-15 US   Animal activists protest outside Washington DC offices of pharma. companies protest
CHAI Alert 06-08-15 Israel   Lifeline to animals in evacuated areas Israel
Demonstrations 06-08-13 Brazil  Videos of demonstrations Brazil
Cures and Controversy 06-08-13 US, CO   opinion of pros and cons of testing vivisection
3 Ferrets Liberated 06-08-13 UK   3 Ferrets Liberated from a Game Keeper United Kingdom
Fur and Meat Reactions 06-08-13 Russia   Protesting against the fur and meat industry Russia
Fur Shop 06-08-12 Sweden   Fur shop vandalism Sweden
Activists Re-Subpoenaed 06-08-11 US   San Francisco Bay area activists re-subpoenaed ALF Foes
ADL-LA LAPD 06-08-11 US   The real skinny behind the LADAS animal cruelty task force politics
Dog Meat - Philippines 06-08-06 Philippines   Letter of protest activism
SHAC Protest 06-08-10 UK   Protest of Huntington affiliate protest
Don't Dogs Have Rights? 06-08-10 China   Chinese Outcry at killing of dogs China
Randy's Story 06-08-10 US   Randy Warner fights politicians law
Activists Attack Festival 06-08-09 Sweden AR Sweden launched an attack against the Gates of Metal festival protest
Are We Nicer than Chinese? 06-08-09 US   Are we nicer to dogs than the Chinese? editorial
Vivisector Halted 06-08-09 US, CA   UCLA confirms that vivisectionist has halted tests vivisection
Longdog Lib 06-08-09 UK   2nd edition of Longdog liberation activism, dogs
Rally vs B&K 06-08-09 UK   National March and Rally against B&K protest
Israeli's Work to Save Pets 06-08-03 Israel   Israelis work to save abandoned pets pets
George Week of Action 06-08-09 UK   Week of action for George, Sept 4-9 vivisection
California Science Center 06-08-08 US, CA   Protest against the California Science Center activism
UCLA Vivisector Quits 06-08-07 US   UCLA Vivisector quits animal experiments vivsection
ALF Attacks Oxford Suppliers 06-08-07 UK   ALF attacks Oxford University suppliers animal testing
CEO Supports PETA 06-08-04 India   Youngest CEO supports PETA India
Extreme Webs 06-08-04 world   Industries are concerned AR presence growing on youtube media
Animal Enterprise Act 06-07-29 US Using an obscure law to charge nonviolent activists with terrorism ALF Foes
Who Sells Dogs to Research 06-08-04 US   Dealers who sell dogs or cats to laboratories for experiments activism
ALF linked to anti-sealing 06-08-04 Canada   Anti-sealing website activism, seals
Parrots Need Help 06-08-03 US   Parrots at Scudders Breeding Aviary are in dire straits activism, birds
Pet Meals on Wheels 06-08-01 US   Meals program caters to pets pet care
Lemming Myth 06-08-01 US   Disney corrects lemming myth media
Covance Bedfellows 06-08-01 US   Who's in bed with Covance animal testing
Peta/ALib 06-08-02 US   PETA launces animal liberation project media
SHAC Terror 06-08-02 US Animal activists fall victim to new law Animal testing
Eco-Misanthropes 06-08-02 world   Eco-misanthropes want better world through mass extinction Essay
ALF Strikes LA Shelter 06-08-02 US, CA   ALF strikes home of LA Animal Shelter animal shelters
ALF v Univ. Suppliers 06-08-02 UK   ALF sets sites on University suppliers animal testing
Lobsters and Feelings 06-08-02 US In our dealings with animals, good feelings count Speciesism
Winkies Depression 06-08-02 US, TN   Winkie's Depression after death of handler elephant
Helter Shelter 06-08-01 US, CA    Los Angeles shelter out of control activism, shelters
Puppy Mill Video 06-07-28 US   Video intensifies puppy mill issue activism, dogs



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