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LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force


Word just in from our inside sources within the Los Angeles Police Department!

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services (LADAS) Animal Cruelty Task Force, itself, is engaging in animal cruelty!!!

Since Lt. Wendell Bowers, former supervisor of the LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force, was forced out by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) because of his incompetence (see PART I, posted below), Ed Boks and David Dili-FLIRTO appointed one Danny Pantoja to take Bowers' place. Again - just like Stuckey - Boks is simply shuffling incompetent, unethical, and dispassionate employees from one position to another without any training, testing, or written job expectations.

So, because of the incompetence of Danny Pantoja - along with the cruelty being inflicted upon animals under the auspices of the LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force (conceived originally to STOP dog and cock fighting) - the LAPD may have to take over the entire program and leave out the LADAS completely!!! Isn't THAT ironic and telling? It turns out that the LAPD are responsible for 95% of all the investigations and arrests regarding animal cruelty, anyway - so why have a Task Force to inflict needless cruelty on the animals seized during a bust?

It appears that, yet again, an idea which could have saved animals' lives and brought some hope to the humane community is achieving the exact opposite - because of the lack of physical and intellectual ability or qualifications of the very supervisor heading up the Anti Cruelty Task Force!

Over 300 roosters, hens, chicks (including newborns literally still pushing through their shells) have been slaughtered in the past year - and this information has been hidden from the public by LADAS officials.

When a cock fighting ring is busted by LAPD and the LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force, it's the Cruelty Task Force's responsibility to decide what to do with the confiscated and terrified animals who may have already been abused. Even though there are two private specialists for roosters who are willing and able to decide whether the roosters can be rehabilitated, these animals - along with the docile hens and chicks - are being killed at the scene in violation of the law (even the most watered-down laws created ostensibly to protect animals from abuse).

The protocol which should be followed is that the roosters be evaluated to see if they can ever be rehomed - with the hens and chicks placed in foster care or put up for adoption. Instead, these brutalized and traumatized birds - and even newborn chicks - are grabbed by their legs and wings, have their heads forced forward, and are injected behind their necks or skulls with poison. Since the Cruelty Task Force doesn't bring a scale with them to weigh the birds, the dosage is usually incorrect. Witnesses have seen them convulsing, trying to stand up and stumbling, and writhing around for up to three-to-four minutes, until they finally colapse.

Now don't misunderstand this. ADL-LA is AGAINST KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS, PERIOD - but this type of behavior shows again, that LADAS is engaging in illegal and sadistic things because Daniel Pantoja, the new supervisor of the Cruelty Task Force, is unqualified and incompetent.

Julie Butcher, represents the LADAS employees and supervisors, and she has fought tooth and nail against anyone who attempts to discipline, transfer or fire an LADAS employee who is unfit and unqualified. LADAS General Manager, Ed Boks, is just not savvy enough in legal matters to know the steps to take in order to be able to get rid of unfit and unqualified LADAS employees (hence the need for an individual with a legal background who cares about animals to be in charge of the LADAS - NOT some former preacher).

Of course, the direct supervisor to Danny Pantoja is Commander David Diliberto - who, by the way, has been sleeping with South Central Shelter's supervisor Leslie Corea. She, like Julietta Aguilar, was promoted AFTER they began their flirtations with each other (Diliberto works e-mails on City time between he and Corea.)

Dildo-Berto, as many of the employees apparently call him, is overseeing the entire Department of Field Services, so all the employees in the field, and anything that happens to animals out in the field, are under his direct supervision.

By the way, does Daniel Pantoja's name ring any bells for those of you who have followed the LADAS' campaign to terrorize animals in their care? If not, let ADL-LA remind you that Danny's brother, Roger Pantoja, was one of the three employees who witnessed and COVERED UP a fellow employee (Jason Avery) beating the kitten Tigra repeatedly over her head until blood ran from her nose and mouth. Then, they tossed her back into her cage (her escape from which occasioned the beating) and left her unattended for three days to die of her injuries. Only ONE of those employees wrote a memo about it - and it WASN'T Roger!

If these homeless, lost, and feral animals were the species known as "Homo sapiens," the LADAS officials would be arrested for abuse, neglect, torture, and murder. But because the LADAS is so corrupt, mismanaged, uncreative, and morally bankrupt, the Department simply continues its reign of terror on innocent, defenseless animals.

So, when the LAPD takes over the Animal Cruelty Task Force, WHO will make sure the animals - confiscated because of abuse and neglect - will be cared for?? Not the LAPD; that's not what they are trained for. And, sadly, the supervisor, one Danny Pantoja, overseeing the LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force isn't smart, qualified, skilled, or organized enough to wipe his own damned a**!!

Please call Daniel Pantoja at 626 334-2276 and ask him politely to move to another position within the city that doesn't deal with innocent beings, and allow someone who is qualified and really cares to oversee the Animal Cruelty Task Force for the LADAS.



We got part of the information below from "Sleuthing" Sam, who tells ADL-LA what's REALLY going on behind the cinder block walls of the LADAS Death Camps!

An LAPD officer who cares about animals? UNHEARD OF! Well, let's just say that they are a very rare breed, indeed! But we have found a few over the years - about four cops - who have been both compassionate AND smart enough to understand that animals need protection. We now have an LAPD officer (we cannot identify the name OR the gender) who has given us the skinny on the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services (LADAS)Cruelty Task Force, and it's bad, folks - really bad!
When "cops" care more about animals than the administrators in charge of the LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force, you KNOW things can't get much worse - and this is exactly the current state of affairs.

Councilman Tony Cardenas and Chief Pappas had an idea for an Animal Cruelty Task Force to track and shut down illegal cock-fighting and dog-fighting rings. Good idea, you say? Well, as the old saying goes: "Garbage in, garbage out" - and even GOOD ideas turn to trash when incompetent, lazy and stupid LADAS administrators are put in charge of overseeing them. Captain Wendell Bowers (remember him?) - the high-ranking LADAS Captain who not only hunts, but also sported a bumper sticker in his office that read, "Cat - the OTHER White Meat" - was put in charge of this Task Force over a year ago.

Bowers is typical of the Captains and Lieutenants at LADAS: they are mostly old-timers who have no humane animal training and aren't even smart enough to be cops. But they crave wearing a uniform and toting a gun, so they apply to "Animal Control" and move up through the ranks. These individuals know just ONE way to deal with lost, homeless and feral animals: KILL! Talk about being brainwashed and seeing the world through a 'catch-and- kill' mentality! This is what defines most of the Captains and Lieutenants at LADAS.

But, instead of Boks' being a leader and giving these supervisors the classes and training to bring them up to competent standards, Boks just shuffles them around. A true leader would either inspire and train these Captains and Lieutenants on implementing humane programs and policies or, if they cannot learn to be humane and do their jobs properly, then either transfer them to another City Department where innocent lives aren't at stake or - better yet - tell them to hit the road and take care not to let the door hit them where the good Lord split them!

Some of the younger caring and intelligent employees have to work under these degenerates every single day - seeing animals killed for no reason and keeping their mouths shut if they know what's good for them. A few of our inside sources have even been driven to tears, because they simply don't know what to do any more. They can't do anything in their lower positions, because they must take orders from these bozos. If they criticize the department or - even worse - go to Diliberto or Boks, their supervisors just punish them by putting them on leave or the graveyard shift. They even deliberately transfer them to the shelter farthest away from their homes!

We have been told that one of the biggest reasons morale is so low and 98% of the employees care only about getting a paycheck is the behavior of these Captains and Lieutenants. And WHO are the supervisors directly under? You guessed it! The incompetent David Diliberto and Ed Boks. A few of our inside sources stated that one big help would be to place the employees at the shelters closest to their homes - and to allow those employees who have track records of being smart, compassionate and wanting to really work hard, to flourish at the more challenging shelters.

But - alas - such is not Boks' or Diliberto's style! In fact, it seems the better the employees are, the more THREATENED Diliberto and the other Captains and Lieutenants feel! They will spend their time trying to conjure up reasons to get these good employees fired or transferred. This is just sick, folks - and it smacks of the challenged mentalities of David Diliberto and other supervisors who are only content with the status quo.

Boks came in saying he was going to "clean house" of all the lousy, nasty and incompetent supervisors - but not only hasn't he cleaned house, he's actually trashing the house as we speak! He's promoting and creating jobs that didn't exist, and filling them with incompetent, apathetic employees. He's trying to hire a NON-veterinarian, one Mary Herro, to oversee the veterinarians and vet techs at LADAS. Herro as you may have read about in a previous action alert, has a history of mis-managing shelter drugs in her previous jobs, and her daughter was recently fired as director of a San Diego shelter for USING them! Boks has also been "using"-- a known cyberstalker to do the Boks blog and the LADAS web site. This cyberstalker being paid thousands of dollars is the same individual who attacks anyone who criticizes Boks--including activists, journalists and even lawyers and has apparently hacked into the e-mails of those who criticize Boks! Interestingly enough, she was also Mayoral staffer Jim Bickhart's girlfriend!! This is how Boks is "cleaning" house? But we digress. . .

About one year ago, Captain Wendell Bowers was appointed to head up the LADAS Animal Cruelty Task Force consisting of four LADAS officers and two LAPD detectives. You see, most cops don't really care about animals - they just want to catch the guys who are "illegally" cock- and dog-fighting. But - wouldn't ya know - that even the two LAPD detectives care MORE about these animals than the man overseeing them - aka Wendell Bowers!

This is what we have learned about Wendell Bowers, regarding his overseeing the Task Force. The first case he was given delivered a three-inch binder documenting all the atrocities alleged to have been committed by the notorious Marge Weems of Angel Puss - and guess what he did with that? The entire case SAT ON HIS DESK FOR THREE MONTHS!!! The LAPD kept asking why the Task Force wasn't being sent out there to investigate and, if necessary, make arrests and take the dying animals--although ADL-LA MUST insert here that LADAS is no better then Weems when it comes to treating the animals in their "care." At first, the detectives thought that Bowers must know what he's doing. Boy, did THEY quickly have an eye-opening experience!

By the second month, they couldn't understand what the holdup was - since the detectives had spoken to people who were willing to TESTIFY under oath about Weems' animal crimes. But Bowers would always repeat the identical mantra over and over: "It's political. Marge Weems knows the law, and she'll sue the department." Allow us to translate: "I am simply not competent or smart enough to figure out how to oversee this investigation, so I've changed my role to that of protecting the department from bogus lawsuits by ANIMAL ABUSERS!!!"

By the fall, the Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement (BHLE)- a group of smart, highly intelligent individuals who spent their own money taking the required training courses from the state in order to be able to charge animal abusers with crimes and confiscate their animals - went into Angel Puss with a warrant they had secured directly from the LAPD. They couldn't wait any longer for Bowers to go and get these dying animals! The BHLE seized approximately 15 dying cats from Weems and took them directly to veterinarians.

This, of course, looked very bad on the department; how EMBARRASSING! So, in comes Karen Knipscheer - the shopaholic Animal Control Officer turned Public Information Officer for LADAS- to do damage control for LADAS' tarnished image. She, Bowers, and - of course - the ever-present screw up, David Diliberto, got together and tried to figure out a way to save face. First, they decided NOT to deal with the BHLE and even refused - we repeat, REFUSED - to house the remaining cats that the BHLE begged them to take temporarily. Diliberto stated - and this was told to us as a direct quote - "Since it wasn't our bust, I'm not doing a thing to help them."

By this time, LAPD was breathing down the necks of the department, saying, "You'd better do something about Weems!" - so, without using the LADAS Task Force Officers, Diliberto actually excluded the Task Force Officers, he sent in Wendell Bowers; Karen Knipesheer; and her sidekick, Dwane Clark (neither of them ever having been trained as Animal Cruelty Task Force Officers) to go out to Angel Puss and confiscate approximately five cats. Then, instead of blaming Marge Weems, they went after BHLE!!!

Karen Knipscheer began putting out terribly slanderous and defamatory statements against BHLE - and BHLE could not afford to fight the City. Sure enough, Knipeshceer got Rocky Delgadillo - the City Attorney who get his "Rocks" off prosecuting anyone who cares about animals - to take away BHLE's license. The judge presiding over this hearing was apparently so confused he actually believed the CITY! The judge was never told that Bowers and the City sat on the case for months!

After this awful and senseless screwup by the City, LAPD told the powers that be to get rid of Bowers - and he was transferred to oversee the training department. Now Boks has put Bowers in charge of the entire West Valley "shelter!"

So, here is your homework for the week: we are asking everyone to call, e-mail, and/or fax the below Mayoral staff and tell them that no matter what snake-oil Boks is trying to sell the residents of LA, we are all realizing quickly that he simply needs to GO! Period!

Jimmy Blackman, Deputy Chief of Staff

Phone: 213-922-9748 (Direct number!)

Fax: 213 978-0889

Marcus Allen, Deputy Chief of Staff

Phone: 213-922-9750

Fax: 213-978-0889 

Robin Kramer, Chief Of Staff

Phone: 213-922-9739

Fax: 213-978-0727

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