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TV to host vivisection debate

Oxford debate 27th July

It has just been confirmed that on Thursday 27th July 2006 a debate is taking place at Oxford between :

Mel Broughton - Speak

Kathy Archibald Europeans for Medical Progress

André Menache Animal Aid

Dr Caroline Lucas MEP

Professor Tipu Aziz

Dr Evan Harris MP

Someone from Research Defence Society

Possibly Mike Robbins (who suffers from Parkinson´┐Żs Disease)

The debate is to take place at 8 pm and will be filmed by Newsnight. The debate will be shown on Newsnight later the same evening and apparently the whole programme is to be devoted to the subject.

In summary:



Thursday 27th July 2006

10.30 pm to 11.15 pm

Debate on vivisection


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