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Puppy Mill Video 06-07-28 US   Video intensifies puppy mill issue activism, dogs
9 Goats Rescued 06-07-26 UK   9 goats rescued from military experiments animal tests
Old Zoo Animals 06-07-26 US   How some of America's zoos get rid of old animals zoos
Beirut Rescues 06-07-26 Lebanon   BETA Rescues in Lebanon rescues
ELP Bulletin 06-07-25 UK   ELP bulletin. 3 POWs POWs
Seal Defenders 06-07-24 Canada   New activist action plan. You can help. activism - seals
Rodeo Bull Dies 06-07-24 US, CA   The crowd watched in dismay as the bull writhed in the dirt entertain
Kitty Liberation Front 06-07-24 US, CA   landmark shelter case in Bakersfield, CA Law
AVMA Against Animal Welfare 06-07-24 US, HI  AVMA prioritizes agri-business above animal welfare factory farming
Speak for George 06-07-23 UK   Police ban SPEAK protest testing
Day of Fighting Experiments 06-07-22 Croatia   First day of Fighting against animal experiments testing
Animal Rights Militia 06-07-14 Spain   Animal Rights Militia in Spain claim two actions against HLS Animal testing
Calif Circus Protests 06-07-18 US, CA   Protests against the circus protests, circus
Namibia Seals - Protest 06-07-21 South Africa   Protest for Namibia Seals activism, seals
Heather - China 06-07-20 China   Heather wins victory for dogs and cats in China Fur
Bardot to Sweden 06-07-20 France   Brigitte Bardot may move to Sweden over Animal Rights Celebrities
Moby at Farm Sanctuary 06-07-20 US, NY   Moby's Observations at the Farm Sanctuary Celebrities
Interview at a Dog Pound 06-07-20 US   Interview at a Dog Pound Companion Animals
Veggie Trends 06-07-20 US   Trends in vegetarianism Health
Mexico ALF 06-07-20 Mexico   Link to animal liberation site Actions
Pig Hunters 06-07-19 US, HI   Hunts Planned to Counter "Invasion" of Pigs Hunting, pigs
HI Feral Pigs 06-07-19 US, HI   One man embraces the presence of feral pigs Activism, pigs
Covance campaign 06-07-18 US   The 'COVANCE Campaign' are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website Animal Tests
Israel-Beirut War 06-07-18 Lebanon   Forgotten Casualties of War Actions
Mad Cow Incubation 06-07-18 UK   Study says Mad Cow disease may be incubating in thousands of people health
Oxford TV debate 06-07-18 UK   TV to host vivisection debate vivisection
Darren Thurston 06-07-17 US, OR   Darren Thurston changes jails, would appreciate letters ALF POWs
PA Puppy Mills 06-07-11 US, PA   Undercover video on the problem of puppy mills in Pennsylvania. puppy mills
Meat Protest 06-07-13 US, CA   Playboy bunny Robin Arcuri
protests against the meat industry
Beyond Might Makes Right 06-07-15 world   In searching for a consistent ethic, if one believes that humans have rights, there are no legitimate grounds for rejecting rights for other animals. Essay
Fish Pain Studies 06-07-14 world   Update on the studies of fish and pain Fishing
Mice Share Suffering 06-07-13 US, Canada   Rodents and humans have a link in shared suffering. Speciesism
Rescuing Farm Animals 06-07-13 US, FL   Saving animals set for slaughter Farm Animals
Mexican Wrestlers 06-07-13 Mexico   Mexican Wrestlers Are Fighting for Animals media
George - Oxford 06-07-12 UK   More Oxford horrors vivisection
ALF v LA Vivsector 06-07-12 US, CA   UCLA Vivisector Lynn Fairbanks Targeted by ALF Vivisection
Anti-circus Demo 06-07-12 US, TX   Anti-circus demonstration circus protest
VERO- New Oxford Group 06-07-12 UK   New group - VERO - calls Oxford University to account over animal lab vivisection
Tahitian Noni No Tests 06-07-12 US, UT   Tahitian Noni stops supporting testing on animals Testing
Peter Young in Solitary 06-07-11 US, CA   Please write to Peter Young ALF POWs
Teaching Compassion 06-07-11 US   Teaching Compassion may be all the new raqe. Education
Cell tests less beastly 06-07-11 US, D.C.   PETA calls cell tests less beastly. Testing
SARC Trial 06-07-11 UK   The jury is due to go out for the animal rescue workers on trial at Chichester Crown Court. Law
Steinem vs NIH 06-07-10 US, D.C.   Gloria Steinem to NIH: Stop �Triple Injustice� of �Cruelty, Fraud, and Waste�! Testing
Bamboo's Story 06-07-10 US, WA   Elephant needs better home. Protest. Elephants
Doomed Monkeys 06-07-10 UK   Doomed monkeys on horror trip. Animal Tests
Fascists in Swing 06-07-08 US, D.C. FBI plans new Net-tapping push (A move to make current practices legal) Anti-ALF
Duck Farming 06-07-08 world   Why farmed ducks endure worse conditions than battery hens factory farming
Kosher Slaughter 06-07-08 world   Opinion of Kosher slaughter Slaughter
Eternal Treblinka 06-07-08 world   France and Spain are the latest countries to translate and publish Eternal Treblinka Novels
10 Against Testing 06-07-07 world   Ten Strikes Against Animal Testing Anti-vivisect.
NAALPO - FBI 06-07-06 US, CA   NAALPO Press Officer turns down offer to speak with FBI ALF Foes
No Burgers Heaven 06-07-06 US, IN   Interview with Dr. Stephen Webb Religion
Silk - Ahisma 06-07-06 India   Silky touch: Innovator produces eco-friendly yarn Shopping
Vancouver - Rodeo 06-07-01 Canada   Vancouver outlaws rodeo Rodeo
Behind the Mask-trailer 06-07-04 US    See movie trailer, order DVD media
Hynde - terrorists 06-07-03 world    Chrissie Hynde -- And the real terrorists are...? media
Dogs to Science 06-07-02 US   Areas in the US where stray dogs may end up in science labs Activism, dogs
Fast Food Nation 06-07-01 US   Movie trailer and link to website media
SF Veg Pride 06-07-01 US, SF    Vegan Outreach event Activism



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