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Brigitte Bardot May Move To Sweden Over AR

July 19, 2006

Julie Farby - All Headline News Staff Writer

(AHN)-French film star and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot tells Sweden's prime minister that she may move to Sweden because she was ashamed of her native France's efforts to stop a Swedish law aimed at improving conditions on the country's own mink farms.

In an open letter to Swedish Prime Minister Goeran Persson, and obtained by AFP, Bardot writes, "My image, my international identity, is still associated with France. ... I might leave France to spend my last years in Sweden because today I feel far closer to Swedish sensibilities than French insensibilities."

The longtime animal rights activist was protesting a move by France to block, by way of the European Union, a Stockholm initiative to improve conditions on Swedish mink farms.

France objected to the Swedish mink farm proposal on June 14, preventing it from being voted on by the Swedish parliament before its summer recess.

Parliament will reconvene on October 1, after a September general election that may see the current government removed from power. Thus the proposed legislation may never see the light of day.

Bardot tells AFP, "I am ashamed by my government's intervention, ashamed to be French."

According to Swedish animal rights group Djurens Raett, between 1.3 million and 1.4 million mink are killed in Sweden every year for their fur



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