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Bamboo's Story


If they are so happy to have Bamboo home,

If she is so happy to be back with friends,

Why did they send her away for so long?

Why do they talk of sending her away again?

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It's time to send her to The Elephant Sanctuary.


Woodland Park Zoo�s largest fundraiser of the year takes place July 14, and the Northwest Animal Rights Network is holding a large rally from 4:30 to 6:30, telling the zoo and its donors that Bamboo, a 39-year-old asian elephant, should be sent to The Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in Tennessee.

Help us free Bamboo from the confines of the zoo system, where she has endured tiny yards, periods of abuse and all-night chaining, and a very stressful failed transfer to another inadequate zoo in Tacoma. TES has agreed to transport and care for her, at its own expense, for the remainder of Bamboo's life, while WPZ refuses to commit to her long-term care.

Enjoy a couple of hours with like-minded people and snack on Mighty-O doughnuts while joining the large-scale push to have Bamboo sent to wide open spaces in Tennessee! Several media outlets have expressed great interest in this momentous event, so we need all of you there!

Woodland Park Zoo�s North Entrance
On 59th, off Phinney or Aurora (at Evanston)
Friday, July 14, 2006
4:30-6:30 p.m.

Bamboo's Story

Bamboo came to Seattle from Thailand as a frightened one-year-old baby Asian elephant in 1968. She grew into a gentle adult, docile enough to be walked on zoo grounds and touched by zoo visitors. In the late 80's, Bamboo became aggressive toward handlers, during a period of intense physical punishment and all-night chaining. After the birth of a baby elephant in 2001, Bamboo was put into indoor solitary confinement for weeks and began pacing in constant counter-clockwise circles and shaking her head neurotically. She was not trusted with the baby for the first few years after her birth.

In response to these issues and to make room for future elephant calves, Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) transfered Bamboo in August 2005 to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA) in Tacoma, another small habitat zoo which specializes in "troubled" elephants, where she paced in circles and shook her head almost constantly. Zoo officials repeatedly described Bamboo as being "happy and healthy" during this time.

After nine months of being unable to integrate her with the other elephants at PDZA, they sent Bamboo back to WPZ, where she must now been kept separated from African elephant, Watoto. Bamboo's future at WPZ still remains uncertain, as the Zoo announced it would be "evaluating long-term options for Bamboo". Bamboo does not fit into their elephant breeding program.

We are working to have Bamboo moved to a place where she can truly heal: The Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in Tennessee. TES has generously offered to transport and care for Bamboo at its own expense.

We will continue to contact WPZ, AZA, Seattle City Council, and the public until Bamboo has a chance to finally live like an elephant.

If you are inspired to help Bamboo, please contact us.


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