No EU funding for Oxford lab
Commission against animal lab funding
21 June 2006

News that the European Commission will not be funding a controversial animal testing laboratory in Oxford, revealed by the European Parliament this week has been welcomed by Green Party MEP Dr. Caroline Lucas. The South Park Road facility has been the focus of heated discussion and protests in recent weeks, by groups both for and against the lab.

The decision not to back the development underlines the EU's aim to work towards the eventual elimination of animal testing in favour of alternative techniques.

"I am absolutely delighted that the centre - which is deeply unpopular an entirely unnecessary - will not be receiving taxpayers' cash via the 'back door' of the EU," commented Dr. Lucas.

"The European Commission has restated its commitment to the '3Rs' - the reduction, refinement and replacement of animal testing - and I hope in s doing it has gone some way to countering the myth that it is only extremist who oppose the proposed new laboratory."