June 25, 2006

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office has been busy the last month, having published and distributed a new pamphlet, Frequently Asked Questions About the Underground Animal Liberation Movement, appearing at the debut showing of "Behind the Mask" in Los Angeles, and disseminating immense amounts of information by email, our website and our newest venture, MySpace.com (www.myspace.com/naalpo). Nearly 6000 people have visited the new MySpace site, and voiced their active support of the animal liberation message. Oh, and the FBI wrote a nice request for a Press Officer to appear at their headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, to teach them more about how to capture and imprison those fighting for animal liberation. We will post our response very soon!

Many people are expressing dismay, concern, and yes, even fear, about the recent arrests of 14 people charged with various crimes of eco- and animal liberation sabotage. Although authorities are being aided by some traitors trying to save their own skin, many more are standing strong. Meanwhile, most liberationists remain free and unfettered, such as those who burned urban sprawl in San Diego in 2003, those who took the University of Iowa to task for animal abuse in November 2004, those who freed hundreds of captive mink in solidarity with Peter Young in May of this year, and hundreds of other liberationists. The Press Office looks forward to reporting on many new actions for animal liberation in the coming months.

Please don't forget to attend the Animal Rights 2006 Conference in Washington DC August 10-14, 2006; the Press Office will be staffing a booth with plenty of free information and pamphlets, as well as some provocative and informative publications for sale at rock-bottom prices. See you there!

"It is never governments or well funded organizations that affect revolutionary change, but the common people, unwilling to sit back any longer and watch the animals they love be destroyed." -Rod Coronado

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