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Mice Show Empathy 06-06-30 Canada    Mice show empathy for fellow rodents Speciesism
Canada -Memorial U 06-06-29 Canada    Memorial Univ. stops using animals anti-vivisection
Charlotte's Pig 06-06-29 US    Charlotte's Pig Spared from Hog Heaven story
Meat with Feelings 06-06-29 world    Pigs, the other white meat -- with feelings Factory Farming
Cook Confesses 06-05-22 world    Former McDonald's cook confesses Health
Fit to be Tied 06-06-28 US, PA    Would you stay chained to a doghouse for two weeks? Activism, dogs
AR Extreme Myth 06-06-25 world    Pro-vivsectionist extremism exposed Vivisection
About July 4 06-06-25 US    Thoughts and advice on independence Day Patriot Act
Science to Pasture 06-06-28 World    Universities should not put service to private industries above public interest Education
No EU Funds 06-06-21 Europe    No EU Funding for the Oxford Lab Lab tests
NAALPO update 06-06-23 US    Update on activities of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office news
Restaurant 06-06-23 China    Chinese animal rights campaigners close down restaurant. Activism, Protest
Denmark lab tests 06-06-23 Netherlands    The country's medicinal companies find ways to reduce the use of laboratory animals for research Lab tests
Politics of Veget 1995 world    Agenda for a New America -- The Politics of Vegetarianism essay
Puppymill Liberation 06-06-23 US    PuppyMill Liberation Rescue, dogs
Cops Assault Protestors 06-06-23 UK    Police Assault Protesters in Oxford Animal Demo Activism, testing
Farm Animals Deserve Better 06-06-23 world     Editorial by Michael Markarian Factory Farming
Ferdin Jailed 06-06-22 US, CA    Animal Defense League Activist Sentenced to 90 Days Imprisonment Law
Fur Store Standoff 06-06-22 US, OR    Standoff continues at fur store Activism, fur
Test Tube Meat 06-06-21 world    Test tube meat may be on the shelf in a couple years. Health
Legal Abuse of Animals 06-06-21 world    The intensive "factory farming" of animals has become a global phenomenon Essay
Great Apes Project 06-06-18 Spain    Let Great Apes be Apes. Advocating simian rights an attack on human principles Essay
EU 2 stop testing 06-06-21 Europe    EU moving to eliminate animal testing Activism, testing
Chained Dog Contest 06-06-20 US, PA    Last Person to Withstand the Boredom of Living Chained to Doghouse Wins Activism, dogs
Targetting Testers 06-06-20 US, NY    Animal rights activists move beyond fur and the circus Activism
Touting Animal Rights 06-06-16 US, OR    What's so wrong with touting animal rights? Essay
Rodeo Ban 06-06-15 Canada    Vancouver first city in Canada to ban rodeo Law
Maine-ARLaw 06-06-11 US, ME    Maine Adds Fido to Protection Orders Law
Costco Demo 06-06-05 US, CA    Protest against Foster Farms and Costco Activism, Protest
China Bear 06-06-15 China    205 bears rescued so far. Activism, bear
Free Boar 06-06-12 UK    Wild Boar Freed from the Otter and Owl Centre in Hampshire Activism, boar
Spain Going Ape 06-06-10 Spain    Spain Going Ape for Animal Rights Law
Mink Farm Fire 06-06-09 Italy    A mink farm in Rovolon, near Padova, was attacked with fire Activism, mink
Vegan Fest 06-06-09 Austria    Austrian vegan festival is a success Activism
AR Shift Needed 06-06-06 UK    The Animal Rights Movement: Time for a Major Shift Philosophy
McDavid 06-06-08 US, CA    FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur Law
House Arrest 06-06-08 US, NY    Former Member Under House Arrest on Charges of "Eco-Terrorism" Law
Abused Miracle 06-06-05 US, CA   Abused dog's 'miracle' comeback has sad ending Story
35 hens 06-06-05 US, DE    35 hens were liberated from a battery cage facility in Delaware Activism, hen
Seal Skin Subsidy 06-06-07 Canada    Principal Buyer of Canadian Seal Skins Subsidized by Government To Burn Pelts Activism, Protest
Whale Rescue 06-06-01 US, CA    Peter Wallerstein is the last hope for injured and trapped sea mammals along the SoCal coast Animal Rescue
Money Talks 06-06-01 UK    Greg Avery talks about SHAC, more Animal Testing



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