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Animal Defense League Activist Sentenced to 90 Days Imprisonment
Pamelyn Ferdin Immediately Taken Into Custody at Request of Vehement
Prosecutor and Judge

Los Angeles: Animal rights activist Pamelyn Ferdin was sentenced today to 90 days in the County Jail for "focused" picketing and trespass two years ago at the home of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) Field Commander David Diliberto. Ms. Ferdin was immediately remanded into custody as prosecutor Spencer Hart gloated on his first victory in 3 years against Animal Defense League(ADL-LA) activists; every previous civil and criminal charge had been either won at trial or overturned on appeal.

Though the defense made it patently clear to the court that the defendants' presence in David Diliberto's neighborhood was not a true picket but rather an educational leafleting venue lasting less than four minutes, Judge Mary Strobel agreed with an obviously biased jury and ruled that the endeavor constituted - and violated the L.A. City ordinance against - "focused" picketing, which prohibits demonstrating within 100 feet of the residence of the protest "target."

Ms. Ferdin and her husband, Dr, Jerry Vlasak have been the objects of a relentless crusade of persecution - and prosecution - by L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and City Prosecutor Spencer Hart. The intrepid members of the Animal Defense League-Los Angeles have spearheaded the "Stop the Killing" campaign focused on ending the annual slaughter of over 40,000 homeless, lost, and feral animals inside the six L.A. City shelters (referred to by activists as "Death Camps"). The City Attorney's Office has issued press releases calling ADL-LA "a terrorist organization" and "a cover for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)."

While there indeed has been ALF activity associated with the campaign, ADL-LA has no foreknowledge of or control over such occurrences. Comments Dr. Vlasak: "The City Attorney has, by hamstringing peaceful above-ground protest, ironically given the green light to a reflexive escalation of underground activism."

Says Ms. Ferdin: "ADLLA has merely applied a 'rights' strategy to what has traditionally been a 'welfarist' approach. If I have to go to jail for the animals, so be it. At least I'll come out alive. The 150 L.A. City Death Camp inmates dragged every day unwillingly and in terror to their grisly appointments with the execution squad are not so fortunate!"

Judge Strobel refused to grant a stay of sentence on appeal, but a bail hearing is scheduled for next week. An appeal has been filed, and if the trial judge continues to violate the law by refusing a stay of sentence, the defendants will file a writ of habeus corpus with the Appeals Court.