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May 2006
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Morrissey Attacks 06-05-31 UK   Singer-songwriter Morrissey branded Oxford "the shame of England" in an attack on Oxford University's controversial animal research lab. Animal Testing
ADLLA Verdict Summary 06-05-31 US, CA    Summary of Verdicts in Trial against "focused" protestors Law
Addresses - Morrissey 06-05-31 UK    AR group reveals university lab builders' secret address. Animal Testing
monkeys - glasses 06-05-29 China    Monkeys wearing glasses to improve children's eyesight. Animal Testing
China dogs 06-05-24 China    China pledges to stop cat and dog fur trade. politics, law
Singer On Oxford 06-05-19 UK    It's a mistake for Oxford University to silence those who oppose animal research. Animal Testing
kfc-amazon 06-05-18 world    Kentucky Fried Amazon? Story
Puck Protest 06-05-18 US, CA    Activists tell Wolfgang Schmuck to get veal off the menu! Activism, Protest
"Digger" Speaks 06-05-16 UK    "Grave Digger" Speaks about trial and conviction. Law
Have Mercy 06-05-16 US, TX    Commentary: Have Mercy. Animal Abuse
Stem Cell Testing 06-05-15 Germany    Stem cells may replace animal testing. Animal Testing
ADLLA Trial 06-05-15 US, CA   Jury Selection Begins in the Trial of Two ADL-LA Members. Law
E.Union Torture 06-05-09 Europe   European Union allows sadistic torturing of animals because its tradition! politics
Bird Flu Rumsfeld 06-05-07 US    Some Bird Flu Details the Government Failed to Tell Us. politics
Food & Felonies 06-05-06 US, MI    Wegman's Egg Case. Activism, Hens
GSK Battle 06-05-06 US    Animal rights activists target investors in GlaxoSmithKline. Animal Testing
Hunter Story 06-05-06 US, WI    Hunters in action. Story
Pro-Test Debate 06-05-06 UK    Why Pro-Test Can't Win a Fair Debate. Animal Testing
AVMA Priorities 06-05-03 US    American Veterinary Medical Association asked to prioritize what is more important: Animal welfare or money? Animal Testing
Eco terrorism 06-05-06 US, WA    Who is a terrorist? Philosophy
ARA Acquitted 06-05-04 US, NY    Animal-rights activist who filmed egg farm acquitted of burglary. Law
Mink Released 06-05-01 US, MN    Hundreds of Captive Mink Released From Minnesota Ranch. Action by ALF in Support of Jailed Activist Peter Young. Activism, Mink
NYSE Hostage 06-05-01 US, NY    About the ad in NY Times regarding ALF and the NYSE. Activism, Testing