Summary of Trial Verdicts


Volunteers with Animal Defense League have invested long hours responding to the overwhelming number of e-mails of support and determination from as far away as Austria!! In fact, Austria - along with newspapers throughout America and even Europe - printed information about this trial!! The below has been translated from an Austrian newspaper:
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Former child star turned animal rights activist, PAMELYN FERDIN, has been convicted of illegally demonstrating outside the house of an animal services employee in Los Angeles, California, USA. Ferdin states that "David Diliberto oversees the needless killing of over forty thousand homeless and lost animals every single year in Los Angeles - and he is one of those directly responsible for the senseless slaughter."

The animal rights campaigner provided the voice of LUCY in the long-running and renowned PEANUTS cartoon series - although she concomitantly starred in such shows as THE MONKEES, STAR TREK, and THE BRADY BUNCH.
Articles like the one above - while a bit short - have nonetheless been read by people nationwide and worldwide. Ferdin has been receiving hundreds upon hundreds of e-mails wanting to know about the killing going on inside the department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS)!! Volunteers are steering everyone to the website to find out about "Dildo-berto el Perverto" and the "preacher" Ed Boks," appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa to head up (LAAS) - even though Boks was "shown the door" at two previous jobs as General Manager in Arizona and NYC, and has a lousy track record that not only involves systematic killing and temperament testing, but also fiscal mismanagement of department funds.

Ferdin states, "I am quite frankly embarrassed by all this attention - especially when it involves something so benign. Supporters think I'm some kind of martyr, but I'm not at all-I am just one of many independent animal rights activists who decided in 2003 to hold accountable the powers that be in Los Angeles City Hall, as well as the Animal Control Department Administrators. I must say the campaign to Stop The Killing of homeless, lost and feral animals inside the six LA City Death Camps has been VERY effective; that's why we are seeing such a concerted government backlash. The only reason why the city spent the public's time, money and resources telling lies in court, in order to get a "focused" picketing conviction, is because the needless slaughter of animals inside LAAS has gotten residents of LA outraged and the media has finally shown a real interest in this issue. The city government wants to keep the senseless killing of homeless animals in the city of LA hidden from the public and the media; but because of activism and the controversy surrounding it, the horrific killing is right out there--for all the world to see."

Ferdin goes on to say, "A wonderful activist told me several years ago: 'You know you're being effective when the animal abusers - and those complicitous in the abuse - HATE you!' So, I wear this as a badge of honor. And remember, all my heroes have been jailed and convicted for speaking up for what they believe in. From Nelson Mandela to Harriet Tubman - and from Mahatma Gandhi to Emmilene Pankhurst - there is a long, long tradition of those forward-thinking individuals who have been targeted by a tyrannical government hell bent on oppressing those who speak up on issues the government wants to keep secret. I chose my position in this campaign in part so that the City has to spend as much time as possible focusing on me and a couple of other ADL-LA Board Members. I don't mind taking the heat - it's what I do for the innocent animals. Unseen they Suffer, Unheard they Cry; In Loneliness they Wait, In Agony they Die."

One ADL-LA volunteer who attended court a few times during the two week trial stated, "This verdict wasn't unexpected; the jurors were extremely conservative and closed-minded. They simply bought the lies and rhetoric shouted to them throughout the trial. Prosecutor Spencer 'Heartless' Hart stated lies as fact - as did Dildo-Berto; his wife; and next-door neighbor, Stephen Shibel who, by the way was forced to admit in testimony, that in 2004, he went around the neighborhood walked onto his neighbors' porches, and removed (as in stealing) all animal literature left by activists!"

But as historically happens when the abusers retaliate against those who are trying to save animals, these trumped-up charges and convictions have resulted in exactly what activists hoped for - a renewed interest from new and old activists alike who are now more determined then ever to Stop The Killing!

Why do activist trials and the controversy surrounding them end up achieving exactly the opposite of what the government intends? Well, as history proves time and time again, when a government begins to criminalize legal, above ground dissent, it leads only to more militant forms of protest. ADL-LA doesn't know for sure if this will happen, since we are not involved - nor do we know who is - in underground actions for animals. But this pattern is known. Those activists who attend above-ground protests, leafleting venues, etc. are historically not those doing underground actions. The latter brave warriors tend to remain under the radar - away from public protests and anonymous.

Ferdin continues, "ADL-LA and other independent, above-ground activists will continue doing protests and leafleting - and while my co-defendant and I appeal, we will simply continue to very dramatically mark off 100 feet when we are within the city limits of LA. Activists have been doing this for the past two years without incident. Remember, these charges stemmed from a leafleting venue that occurred in 2004 !! Activists all over LA have done dozens of protests and leafleting venues since then without any arrests or charges."

ADL-LA does indeed promise to continue above-ground legal protests - and, in fact, we will be sending out an Action Alert letting you know how YOU can get involved with protesting and leafleting. It is "convenient" to look the other way or say: "This does not concern me!" But history shows it is so easy to lose liberty - and almost impossible to get it back. So, let's continue to flex our muscle and never allow it to atrophy!

For the past several months, ADL-LA has been in a wait-and-see mode regarding Ed Boks and the department. Ever since Villa La Grossa appointed this two-time loser as General Manager, we have been watching and gathering information about him and his past. ADL-LA wanted to give Boks, like Stuckey, at least a six-month window to see his intentions with regard to Stopping The Killing. As soon as Boks' six-month anniversary is up, ADL-LA members, volunteers, and supporters will evaluate what will be the next step. So, stay tuned and let us know your thoughts and ideas (as long as they are legal, of course!!)



Summary of Trial Verdicts Part I:

Co-Defendant Jerry Vlasak's charge of simple trespass stemming from a home visit on June 12th, 2004 was DISMISSED by the court midway through trial after Diliberto's surveillance monitor proved that Vlasak never stepped onto Diliberto's walk-way. However, the jury - who were NO PEERS of the defendants in any way, shape, or form and who wouldn't know a protest if it came up and chomped their nalgas - found Ferdin and Vlasak guilty of violating a local city "ordinance" (within the city limits of LA) which prohibits "focused" picketing within 100 feet of a public official's residence.

The June 12th, 2004 charges resulted from an attempt by Ferdin to obtain redress of grievances against Los Angeles Animal Services Commander David Diliberto at his residence located at 403 North Irving in the Larchmont section of Los Angeles. Ferdin was also convicted of trespass when she went up to Diliberto's porch, asked him questions through the door, and slipped a leaflet through the mail slot. The entire home visit on June 12th, 2004 - which ten other individuals attended - whose purpose was to ask questions of then-Commander David Diliberto lasted no longer than 4 minutes, 36 seconds! Ferdin and Vlasak were the only ones charged four months LATER at about the time ex-Mayor James K. Hahn was gearing up for his second bid as LA's Mayor. (Isn't that a cosmically convenient coincidence?) In fact, Detective Dunn of the LAPD said on the stand that he had received "numerous" phone calls from the City Attorney's and Mayor's Offices asking him why he was taking so long to charge Ferdin and Vlasak!! WOW! ADL-LA's Board Members feel pretty damned important - and are truly humbled by all this recognition by City Hall!

BUT, LISTEN UP!! The higher court overturned the lower court's ruling in the companion "civil" action regarding the exact same June 12th, 2004 home visit. Why? The higher courts - much more experienced in dealing with Constitutional issues - concurred that both the Federal and California Constitutions allow activists to petition public officials - and that this concession trumps local municipal ordinances attempting to prohibit Constitutionally-protected protest activities!!

By the way. . . .guess who drafted this patently unconstitutional ordinance against "focused" picketing within the city limits of LA? (Drum roll.) None other than ex Mayor James K. Hahn, himself! The LA Councilmembers - all public officials paid by YOUR tax dollars - were all too happy to pass the unconstitutional ordinance that has up until now NEVER BEEN CHALLENGED! Constitutional specialists have told the co-defendants that they MUST appeal this conviction - since almost all First- Amendment law is made at the appellate - NOT trial - court level. So, stay tuned!!

Does this verdict in the lower courts change anything? Not one thing! In fact, right after the two defendants were charged with "focused picketing" in Diliberto's neighborhood, activists began dramatically chalking off one hundred feet from any animal abuser's residence and staying behind the chalk lines when protesting at a residence within LA city limits. What activists have discovered since then is that these types of protests are even MORE effective!! It seems that instead of "focusing" on the public official responsible for the abuse and murder of animals, activists tend to march around the entire neighborhood and educate even MORE neighbors as to what Diliberto and other animal abusers are responsible for.

ADL-LA's most recent protests - abiding by the ludicrous ordinance - in the neighborhood of Dildo-berto el Perverto have continued without incident while police sit there eating doughnuts as we demonstrate and hand out our literature. Activists agree that these protests marching around the neighborhood - along with other anonymous and more militant actions - were in large part responsible for Diliberto's being recently DEMOTED and stripped of much of his authority and power. Plus, now Diliberto is embroiled in a huge civil lawsuit regarding his corruption, mismanagement, and sexual harassment of female employees!!

So, congratulations to all the activists known - and unknown - who have done their part in this effort to free the animals from Diliberto's death grip! He should have been fired completely - but at least he has very little power left to screw things up! Judging from the civil lawsuit filed against him and the City, he may be on his way out very soon. (We certainly hope the door doesn't bang him in the ass as he's passing through!) This civil suit will be up on the Legal Eagle page at very soon!

The two co-defendants (Ferdin and Vlasak) want to thank the thousands of supporters who have e-mailed, called, faxed, and sent in donations over the past two weeks. ADL-LA volunteers have been forwarding all these e-mails of support directly to Ferdin and Vlasak, so if you haven't gotten a personal reply from them yet, don't worry. They will try to reply to each and every one.

This trial - like no other - seems to have unified and galvanized national and global media attention about the needless, senseless killing taking place inside our six LA City DEATH CAMPS! We couldn't have PAID for this much media attention to the animals' plight - and its exposure of those responsible!

ADL-LA Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this publication is intended to encourage or incite illegal acts. Many of the reports contained in our Action Alerts and on our web site at have been received anonymously and the Campaign cannot make any guarantees for the accuracy of these reports. Any views or comments stated in reports, Action Alerts or on the web site are not necessarily the views of STK or ADL-LA.