May 15, 2006



Almost one year ago to the day, Animal Defense League-LA member Pamelyn Ferdinand and animal rights activist Natalie Norcross were acquitted by a jury for allegedly violating a ridiculous LA City ordinance of "focused picketing." (What? Should we do" unfocused picketing"? Wouldn't that be an oxymoron? If you're picketing something or someone, obviously you're focusing on it or him/her!)

This ludicrous -and we believe unconstitutional -law conveniently implemented by a vote of the narrow-minded, self-serving LA City Council has yet to be challenged on constitutional grounds. But, since Misses Ferdin and Norcross -who had been arrested while picketing in then-Mayor James K. Hahn's neighborhood -won their trial, it wasn't necessary for them to challenge this ordinance through the appeal process.

City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and his henchmen have been targeting a few officers/members of ADL-LA for over two years now, but have so far LOST ALL CASES BROUGHT AGAINST ADL-LA! The determined all-volunteer, grassroots animal rights group is the David to the City's monstrous Goliath -yet, so far, ADL-LA has prevailed!! There are a few salient reasons for this. ADL-LA members have had the privilege of legal advice and representation from attorneys who are not only extremely ethical, moral and compassionate towards animals -but also passionate about First-Amendment rights regarding public assembly and freedom of speech and association. Also, those charged have always stood up to the corrupt powers on behalf of their constitutional rights and -more importantly -the animals!

Interestingly enough, the same exact prosecutor -Spencer Hart (who doesn't have one) -is prosecuting this current trial after suffering a bitter defeat in last year's trial against Ferdin and Norcross. Leave it to 'ol Spencer "Heartless" Hart and his boss Rocky ("Cocky") Delgadillo to harass, accuse and target certain ADL-LA members who have helped expose the truth as to what goes on behind those horrific cinderblock walls of our six City Death Camps and who dare call for STOPPING THE KILLING ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Please tell everyone and their mothers NOT to vote for Rocky Delgadillo come June 6th, 2006 -since Delgadillo is as sleazy as they come! From spending the public's taxes to hire private law firms to handle City cases (to reward them for having contributed to Delgadillo's past campaigns) to siding with "slumlords" who victimize renters and trying to make a name for himself by targeting those who are against what goes on inside the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, this guy STINKS to high heaven! In fact, it's been rather difficult getting any work done, since one hand is disabled from having to hold our noses! BUT WE DIGRESS. . . . .

This time, there are two charges - trespass and that ludicrous "focused picketing" again. Maybe activists in the future should wear glasses that don't fit their prescriptions, so they CANNOT focus on the ones responsible for killing thousands of homeless, lost and feral animals in the City Death Camps!!

This time around, however, the complaining witness is none other than (drum roll) David Dildo-berto el PERVERTO! Please read all about this disgusting human being -and his poor family sitting at home while he's partying with and sexually harassing his subordinates -by going to Click on Players/Targets and then on David Diliberto's envelope for his full resume and employee rap sheet!! Learn all about this philandering Commander who continues to have sex (he was just sued for sexual harassment by a former LAAS employee) with his subordinates and then promotes them to positions for which they are unqualified. He's been seen flirting with and going out to lunch with another female LAAS employee for the past several months now, a Leslie Corea. What a low life -not only to his wife and kids, but to the animals for whom he has absolutely no compassion! He feels no dedication to or interest in saving their lives -and, even if he did, he lacks the brain wattage to do the job he is being paid to do. We've known for a long time that if Dildo-berto el PERVERTO's lips are moving, he's lying -and the defendants' "dream team" hopes to prove this during the jury trial.

One thing that the opposition falsely believes is that by dragging outspoken ADL-LA members into court all the time -and targeting them for everything and anything done by activists on behalf of animals in this city -is that those charged will become tired and give up. But this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what happens. It inspires the officers, members, independent activists, volunteers and supporters to fight back even harder!

And the two members charged? Well, they are going to bring the animals' plight right into the courtroom! So far, about fifty attorneys waiting for their own cases to be called in front of the judge, have been educated about David Dildo-berto and the horrific, needless killing going on inside the six city Death Camps. The court reporters -as well as court clerks and bailiffs -had no idea that so many healthy, treatable animals end up at a rendering plant to be turned into fertilizer because of the corruption, mismanagement, and ineptitude of those who are employed to oversee the animals at the department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS.) And how about all the judges and appellate judges who have learned about this campaign by reading the stacks upon stacks of files all relating to the campaign to stop the needless killing of animals inside LAAS?

Animal rights activists couldn't PAY to get this kind of attention focused on the animals imprisoned inside LAAS! And all of us who volunteer for ADL-LA -or who support them with our specific talents -always root for the under dog (under cat, under bunny, under chicken, under cow, etc.) -and it makes us all work that much more diligently to expose what is going on inside LAAS' Death Camps.


Remember, the entire City Attorney's Office is acting as David Dildo-berto's personal attorney -and Spencer "Heartless" Hart has even admitted in court papers that he has spent time with him and his wife. But, no matter. Even though the City Attorney's Office may have more money and more political power, ADL-LA members, our supporters and the thousands of independent animal rights activists in this city have passion! And passion is a kind of currency that TRUMPS cold "dinero" -and it never runs out.

Stay tuned for legal updates, and check also for more information on the Legal Eagle page of the!

**If you are unable to come to court or participate in protests, the defendants would greatly appreciate a showing of support by your sending donations to Animal Defense League Los Angeles (ADL-LA) at 171 Pier Avenue #453, Santa Monica, California 90405 to help defray legal bills. Of course, ADL-LA would much rather you join the campaign by sending letters, e-mails, and faxes -and participating in protests on behalf of the animals inside the Death Camps! But if you can't do these more important things, then we will accept any donations you are willing to give us!


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