Newspaper Ad claims New York Stock Exchange is being held hostage by terrorists

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A mysterious advertisement in Friday's New York Times accusing the New York Stock Exchange of bowing to terrorist threats has again spotlighted the struggle of controversial animal-testing company Life Sciences Research Inc. to get a listing on the Big Board.

The full-page advertisement in the front section of the paper features a man in a black ski mask below a large headline proclaiming: "I Control Wall Street." A group calling itself NYSE Hostage claimed responsibility for the ad, but it is unclear who the group is.
The company, which does federally-mandated animal research for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, saw its shares plummet following the postponement and it was later forced to trade shares on the Pink Sheets, an over-the-counter market for stocks that do not to meet minimum listing requirements, or file with securities regulators. It has since stopped trading on the Pink Sheets as well.

Animal rights group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) has pledged to keep up the pressure until the company -- parent of British-based Huntingdon Life Sciences, which has long been a target of U.K. animal rights activists -- is shut down altogether.

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