Terrorist Crackdown in Washington

KIRO Team 7 Investigators take you inside the shadowy world of domestic terrorism.

Criminal extremists from the Animal and Earth Liberation Fronts tell Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne that despite a massive federal crackdown on its members, they will not quit.

A-L-F. It's an organization whose members operate in extreme secrecy, often under the cover of darkness. They use homemade firebombs and bolt cutters to send their messages: Promoting veganism, protecting animal rights and punishing environmentally unfriendly businesses.

The Pacific Northwest remains a hotbed of volatile, illegal action in the name of the ELF and ALF. The FBI is investigating arsonists here who have burned local research labs, a slaughterhouse and expensive homes near sensitive habitat. Black-hooded vandals also continue to release captive animals by the thousands.

It's that subculture which launched Seattle-area native Peter Daniel Young to cult-hero status. A "Support-Peter" Web site, T-shirts, even a fan club -- all for a man currently in federal prison for violations of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Halsne: "Any regrets?"
Young: "The only thing I can say I regret is that I got caught. I don't regret anything else."
Animal Liberation Front raids on Washington fur farms, like one in Snohomish County, have financially devastated some local farming families. However, overall, Kelly says eco-terrorists have failed to hurt the market. Pelt prices this season are at an all-time high.

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