CASTRO VALLEY -- Ranchers in rural Castro Valley awoke this weekend to graffiti on horse trailers, a street sign and a for sale sign touting the 'ALF' -- the renegade Animal Liberation Front.

Rancher Jim Grimes said the Alameda County Sheriff's Department and FBI were investigating whether or not the graffiti was actually the work of the eco-terrorist group.

"We don't mistreat animals -- people wouldn't stand for that," said Grimes who boards horses. "I've been around animals all my life and you don't get anywhere with them by mistreating them…It either was kids who had nothing better to do or this outfit ought to move on."

Graffiti was spray painted on one of Grimes horse trailers, a nearby street sign and a for sale sign on a nearby ranch.

While the messages on Grimes property were simply the initials "Alf" the ranch for sale sign had an ominous "Burn It" painted on it.

alf_sign_2The FBI has intensified its efforts to curtail and arrest ALF members since January when 11 people were indicted in a series of arsons in five Western states.

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